Maurice Jones-Drew (foot) has "no pain in the foot"

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Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew completed his first workout with the team since a season-ending foot injury in October. He competed without setbacks, without pain and without apprehension -- all positive signs for the three-time Pro Bowler and for the rebuilding Jaguars.

"It just feels comfortable making those cuts and knowing there's no pain in the foot, ankle, whatever," Jones-Drew said. "Not running for eight months, it's like, 'Can I still do it?' But I've been playing football for 20 years and it's just natural."

The bigger test will be seeing how his left foot feels after a couple days, maybe even a few weeks.

"The main thing for me is just getting back to where I can carry the ball 20 or 25 times a game," he added. "Obviously, right now, I feel like I can do it. But it's different when you're getting the ball play after play after play."

Fantasy Impact: 

From 2009-2011, Jones-Drew finished top 5 in PPG. However, the Jaguars have serious problems at QB and are planning to install a zone blocking scheme, which may affect his productivity. He's an interesting pick in the early 3rd round of 12-team drafts.

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