LT hopes to form his own 2-H Club

San Diego Union-Tribune - [Full Article]

Ladainian Tomlinson has been pushing for the 2-H package, but he doesn't seem to have quite enough pull.

The Chargers' record-setting running back would like to try lining up in the same formation with his electrifying understudy, Darren Sproles – 2-H meaning two halfbacks – but that bright idea has repeatedly run up against a stiffarm stance from head coach Norv Turner, aka Commander Killjoy.

“He always says, 'We're putting it in. We're putting it in. We're talking about it,' ” Tomlinson said. “And eventually he will. You just have to continue to walk by him and say, 'Hey, me and Darren are waiting for that.' ”

That Turner has yet to take the hint from his most accomplished player tells you that as much as the 2-H package excites the imagination, it may not be much more realistic than another H freezing over.

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