Kevin Smith Wants to be More Like DeAngello Williams - [Full Article]

Running back Kevin Smith has looked very good in camp, particularly with his lower-body power. It's shown up when he runs the ball, when he goes through individual drills and even when he's pass protecting against blitzing linebackers in a one-on-one drill.

"I ran the hills a lot more in the off-season. I wanted more lower-body explosion. I have to break more arm tackles - I left a lot of yards out there last season,'' Smith said.

While Aveion Cason is the most experienced pass protector of the backs, Smith is quickly showing that he's the most effective. He has been solid in attacking and engaging the linebacker with power - without lunging and losing his leverage. And Smith wants to carry that attitude into his running game as well.

"I want to be more like Deangelo Williams in Carolina, with those short, powerful bursts that break tackles,'' Smith said.

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