Greg Jennings speaks about his future

The Green Bay Press Gazette - [Full Article]

Packers WR Greg Jennings spoke about his future on Sunday.

"The Packers are going to do what's best for the Packers ... as the other half of the business man, sitting down at that table, I have to do what's best for myself and my family."

Later, Jennings sounded as if the decision had already been made: "I'll definitely be in touch with these guys, throughout my career, so that's the one thing that you take away from it."

Jennings cleaned out his locker.

Fantasy Impact: 

It's a matter of supply and demand, and given the Packers' relative strength at WR, they aren't going to want to pay him what he'll be able to get on the open market. The 29-year-old has been linked to Miami, where former Packer OC Joe Philbin is the head coach.

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