Favre & Newton have "met and talked"

USA Today - [Full Article]

With the NFL lockout preventing Cam Newton and other rookies from working with coaches or teammates, former Panthers DT & current WFNZ radio host Brenston Buckner told USA TODAY that Brett Favre would be another mentor to help accelerate Newton's learning curve the way Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon and quarterback guru George Whitfield, Jr. already have.

Newton's agent, James "Bus" Cook, also represents Favre and said the former Green Bay Packers, New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings quarterback would be open to Buckner's suggestion as logistics permit upon his return from Alabama. Cook said Favre would welcome the chance to further Newton's growth when their schedules allow.

"Brett has offered to do that before with Cam,'' Cook said. "He would obviously be delighted to work with Cam. They've met and they've talked."

Fantasy Impact: 

This story will likely carry greater media legs than any real football impact. Favre has floated it out there that he would be interested in coaching, but don't expect much out of a Favre/Newton relationship.

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