DA demanding jail for Plax in any plea deal

New York Post - [Full Article]

It's gonna be Sing Sing for Plaxico -- even if he cops to a lesser gun charge, says Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau.

Negotiations in the gun-possession case against ex- Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress -- who accidentally shot himself in the leg at a Midtown nightclub last November -- fell apart earlier this year after prosecutors insisted he do two years' state time on a plea to a lesser gun charge, the DA told The Post.

The Super Bowl XLII star was willing to bite the bullet and do jail time, but he wouldn't agree to more than a year, the DA said.

Morgenthau said his office would announce the grand jury's vote within four weeks.

Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce is still on the hook for allegedly possessing his then-teammate's gun after the shooting -- and could face a jail term of his own.

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