Conflicting information about James Starks' ankle

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel - [Full Article]

James Starks came back from a knee injury suffered four days earlier against Tampa Bay and ran four times for 19 yards. But Starks wasn't a part of the rotation in the fourth quarter.

"I wasn't hurt," Starks said. "I was fine. Three games in 10 days take a toll on your body, but our coaches do a good job of giving us proper rest.

"The injury happened three or four days ago, so the week was fast. I stayed in treatment. Of course, you're going to play with a little bit of pain. Everything is fine now. I got a little time to rest. I think I should be fine."

Asked if Starks had been hurt again, coach Mike McCarthy said, "You know, it's a. . . I think he just tweaked his ankle again."

Fantasy Impact: 

So we have the head coach saying that Starks tweaked his ankle and the player saying he wasn't hurt. The Packers have 10 days until their Week 13 game against the Giants, so Starks has plenty of time to heal.

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