Cardinals planned a RBBC in Week 7

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Cardinals HC Ken Whisenhunt was asked about the team's RB plan heading into Week 7.

RB LaRod Stephens-Howling had a big game. Did you go in knowing he’d play a big role?:

“I always think that he’s going to be a part of it. We went in planning to have a rotation like we normally do, but LaRod had the hot hand. We had a good running plan, felt like it was going to be able to get some runs in there. … He had a nice day and it was good for us that he was able to run the ball that way.”

Fantasy Impact: 

It sounds as if the team planned to give more work to William Powell, but he fumbled on a kickoff return in the first quarter and ultimately only saw five touches in the game. it's unlikely that LSH will see 24 touches in a single game again anytime soon, but he can be productive in 15 to 20 touches. Consider him a flex start in a bad matchup against the 49ers this week.

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