Browns envision 360 touches for Trent Richardson - [Full Article]

Browns OC Norv Turner said he fancies Trent Richardson as an every down back, one capable of 300 carries and 60 receptions. Richardson is currently sidelined until at least Monday after getting kicked in his previously injured shin on Thursday.

"It's hard for a tailback now to play every down the entire game, but they have to be prepared to play every down," he said. "If we're in a two-minute situation, I don't think any of us want to see Trent standing on the sidelines. But we need the other guys to be able to go in and play. I don't think there's a player in this league that can play 60 plays a game and make it, especially with all of the blitzes you're getting.''

Fantasy Impact: 

We have Richardson projected for 309 carries and 53 receptions, or 362 total touches. He has been injury-prone thus far in his career, which is the main reason we're skeptical that he'll hold up to that kind of workload.

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