Broncos could frustrate fantasy players

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Beat writer Jeff Leggwold answered a question about Demaryius Thomas

Q: In this young season, who is the Broncos' No. 1 receiver from a fantasy football perspective, Eddie Royal or rookie Demaryius Thomas? I have picked up Royal after a solid two weeks, but I also noticed that Thomas had a big game in Week 2.

A: From time to time, the Broncos will frustrate folks who play fantasy football because their goal, at least for now, is not to have a No. 1 receiver.

Coach Josh McDaniels repeatedly talks about the importance of making strong personnel decisions at wide receiver so the Broncos have a lot of options for quarterback Kyle Orton no matter how a defense lines up.

Referring to his wide receivers, McDaniels has said "we'd like them to all be No. 1." He doesn't want a defense to shut down his passing game because it gangs up on one wideout.

So that's the philosophy. Much like when the Broncos rotated running backs in the last years of the Mike Shanahan era in Denver, frustrating folks who play fantasy football (some of the weekly e-mails to me were, shall we say, colorful) this has that same potential.

Fantasy Impact: 

Thomas is still worth picking up after a nice week 2. While the Broncos won't name him a number-one, that doesn't mean talent won't rise to the top and Thomas has a chance to be the team's best receiver at this point.

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