Bowe dropping balls in practice

Kansas City Star - [Full Article]

Dwayne Bowe kept getting opportunities Tuesday to prove he’s better than the Chiefs’ third-string wide receiver. The passes kept coming, and Bowe kept dropping them.

Tuesday’s drill was designed to simulate contact after the catch. The receiver would catch the ball, and a coach would immediately smack him with a blocking pad. One pass after another came toward Bowe, a third-year wide receiver, and for a long and uncomfortable while, he couldn’t secure the ball.

“This group as a whole needs work,” Chiefs coach Todd Haley said after Tuesday’s practice. “They have a ways to go.”

As the unit’s problems continue, Bowe has become the face of an underachieving group of wide receivers that entered the offseason as a potential problem area and hasn’t spent many days outside Haley’s crosshairs. Haley is a former NFL wide-receivers coach, and he’s spent months trying to get through to the Chiefs’ receivers — and none more than Bowe.

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