Bill Belichick likes Aaron Dobson's hoops background

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Coach Bill Belichick sounds as if he is counting on WR Aaron Dobson, who will wear No. 17, to provide the help he is seeking.

“He’s big, he’s fast, he’s got good hands, he’s a strong player, smart, very smart,” Belichick responded when asked to describe Dobson. “He has some position flexibility and versatility. (He) catches the ball very well. We’ll see how it goes.”

Dobson had 57 receptions for Marshall last season. He did not have a single drop. Belichick spoke Friday about how he has seen that receivers who played a lot of basketball growing up tend to have good hands.

“I would say that, just based on my experience as a coach through the years, that basketball players, most have good hands. They have to handle the ball a lot,” he said. “The ball is on them quick, tight passes and handling the ball in traffic and that kind of thing. Usually, when you get a good basketball player, those guys usually have pretty good ball skills in terms of handling the ball: strong hands in being able to keep it and quick hands, being able to snatch it and handle it cleanly and, hopefully, without losing it.”

Fantasy Impact: 

Of all the rookie WRs, Dobson may be landing in the best situation opportunity- and offense-wise. The Patriots desperately need a playmaker on the outside and Tom Brady is one of the best there is. Keep an eye on his offseason progress -- if he's starting Week 1, he's going to be fantasy relevant.

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