Bickley: Leinart looks all grown up

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The pretty boy is growing older, and the party-boy pictures aren't popping up on the Internet anymore. Matt Leinart has rarely looked better. He is somewhat chiseled now, hardened by a new commitment to the weight room and life in the NFL. He takes pride in being the 2nd-team QB. He is 26 years old and beginning to make very smart choices. "A lot of this goes to the maturity of Matt," Cardinals HC Whisenhunt said. "A lot of times (backup QBs) are guys who have had tremendous success in the past, and they don't handle the role very well. And then when it comes time for them to play, they're not prepared. They don't play well. "I have to give credit to Matt, because it appears to me, from what I've seen on the practice field, that he's grown up."

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