Beat: Sammy Watkins should have an A.J. Green-like rookie season

When asked about Sammy Watkins' potential production as a rookie, writer Chris Brown used A.J. Green as a benchmark: "He is dependent on quarterback play and such, but I think A.J. Green is a good indicator as to what Sammy can be in his rookie season. Green was also the fourth pick in the draft and he played with a young quarterback at the time in Andy Dalton. Green had 65 catches for 1,057 yards and seven touchdowns as the number one receiver in the Cincinnati offense. I don’t think those are unrealistic numbers for Watkins."

Fantasy Impact: 

While a 1,000-yard season is certainly in the realm of possibility, seven touchdowns may be a stretch for the Bills, who had 16 passing touchdowns in all of 2013. We currently have Watkins projected for 70.7 catches for 989 yards and 5.3 touchdowns.

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