Arrest warrant issued for Aaron Hernandez

Fox Boston - [Full Article]

Authorities have issued an arrest warrant for Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez in connection with a murder investigation, according to a source.

A source told FOX 25's Bob Ward that the warrant, for obstruction of justice, was issued early Friday morning. The source says the warrant is what is known as a "paper warrant." State Police are not executing it for the time being.

If the warrant were entered into the system, any police officer could immediately arrest Hernandez.

FOX 25 legal analyst Brad Bailey says the use of a paper warrant is often used as a means of negotiation with a defense attorney.

"It may be that this is a squeeze tactic," Bailey explains. "It may be telling Mr. Hernandez that we have a warrant, a warrant for a crime that has a potential maximum penalty of seven years in prison, is a tactic to get him to come to the table, start talking and start cooperating. And that's where the lawyers may be saying, okay, we got it. You got our attention. We're willing to respond."

Fantasy Impact: 

The story says obstruction of justice crimes carry a max of seven years in prison and this is likely being done to get A-Hern and his lawyers' attention so he begins to cooperate with authorities.

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