Arian Foster thinks time off will help

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Texans RB Arian Foster missed most of the last three months of real football practice because of a strained calf and a sore back. He returned to practice last week amid concern he might be ready for the start of the season but not ready for a 325-carry grind.

“I’m fine,’” said Foster. “My body feels great. I actually think all this time [off] might help.

“You ask any player: ‘How’d you enjoy the lockout season?’ Great time. You had a chance to train without [having to] practice every day. When you got back to training camp, everyone felt fresh. That’s exactly how I feel right now. Over the past couple of months I had the chance to just train and rehab and work on my body and didn’t have all those carries in training camp. Even during camp I got a long rest [because of the back injury]. It’s usually a grind. Now I feel fresh. I feel rejuvenated.”

Fantasy Impact: 

Foster thinks missing camp will help him over the long haul of the season. But as we’ve seen before, injuries can crop up, like hamstrings for instance, with RBs who haven’t got their work in camp. Foster has been dropping in drafts and we consider him a low, first round pick after spending time in the top-four. He could be quite a value if he returns to expected form.

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