Need 3 Wides- TD and Performance.
My options this week are DK Metcalf, Davante Adams, Terry McLaurin and Zac Pascal.
Seems the safest 2 out of 3 are Metcalf and Pascal. McClaurin has me a little worried with Haskins vs Bills today
Would you chance starting Adams or play it safe with Pascal and/or McClaurin
I could also pick up Danny Amendola and play him if Adams doesn’t play since they have later games, or play Amendola over Adams, and McLaurin and Pascal are early games.

Scott Pagel 4for4 Scout

yeah, this is a tough situation. I actually like your plan. I'd try to get Adams in there but if he can't go I think Amendola is a decent enough backup plan so I'd maybe pick him up just for that instance and then just roll with the rest of your plan.

Nov 03, 2019 · 8:52 AM EST