12 TEAM 1PT PPR - RB/WR/TE Flex - 6pt TD league - 2-5 - Teams 5-6 In With Total Points - 10.84pts Out Of The Playoffs

Would you keep on with Crowder or pick up AJ Green. I have other plans for dropping the Packers defense.

Thoughts and Thanks

M. Ryan
J. Allen

C. Carson
M. Mack
T. Coleman
R. Penny

D. Hopkins
C. Godwin
D. Adams
J. Crowder

H. Henry
C. Herndon

G. Zuerlein


Brandon Niles 4for4 Scout

I think you can get by waiting for A.J. Green. I would grab him at this point... he sounds like he's getting closer to coming back. I would rather have Green than Crowder.

Oct 22 ยท 12:04 AM EDT