I added G Tate for wk 7 std scoring and his 80 yds produced 8 pts. Looking to improve to at least double digits, there for considering either A Robinson 16 targets from the woeful Trubinsky or 4 targets and 75 yards and a TD on bad coverage but getting the rock from A Rogers. I also have M Brown and considering dropping him. L Jackson does not need to pass to win games so guessing targets will be the most on the team when he returns after the Ravens bye but 4 is probably the norm, a truly fast or famine. Mostly famine after week 1 vs Miami.

Brandon Niles 4for4 Scout

I think Robinson is better than Tate, especially in a standard league. Bad team for sure, but I think he's the one they try to feed. I like both those guys over MVS or Hollywood. Tate I like just as much as Robinson in PPR, but in standard, I would lean Robinson.

Oct 22 ยท 12:01 AM EDT