So just joined a 14 team superflex dynasty. I have never played in a superflex league before so I'm looking for some draft strategy tips. I'm out of the 12 spot in a snake. I'm a zero RB guy so I'm thinking of going QB with my 1st and second. Also how early do you grab a 3rd QB?

Brandon Niles 4for4 Scout

I still usually wait in most Superflex leagues, and I'm not a zero RB guy, but in a 14-team league, I don't have a problem going with a QB in the first, assuming one of the elite guys is there. I wouldn't reach for one though if you're looking at elite players at other positions. If one of the top-four WRs is sitting there, I'd probably go QB-WR, then take value in the next round. I might go after a third QB around the same time I take a fourth QB and go after some youth and upside. Trubisky/Allen/Darnold types in the middle rounds.

Jul 22 ยท 12:22 AM EDT