12 team dynasty 0.5ppr 4 points passing TD, 6 for rushing.

Would you drop Elijah Mcguire for C. Thompson? I am a Guice owner.

Who would you rather have out of the following?
Mark Andrews
V. Mcdonald
A. Hooper
I. Thomas
J. Reed

Scott Pagel 4for4 Scout

I think I'd make that move. I was reading where McGuire is actually on the bubble to make the Jets. The have Bell and Ty and I think Powell is back too. McGuire could go somewhere else of course but Thompson is way safer at this point. I think Thompson already has his role carved out and we kind of know what to expect, which is good.

As for the TEs, I think I'd go McDonald, we have him as a top-10 option in our rankings I'm pretty sure. Hooper would probably be a close second but I think we have McDonald a few spots higher. I think McDonald has a lot more upside to him with James out of the picture. I had Hooper in a league last year and he's fairly consistent, OK, but not very exciting overall.

Jul 17, 2019 ยท 2:54 PM EDT