Hey guys welcome back! Im joining a 14 team keeper auction league. $225 budget. Keeping Cooper at $29, Godwin at $6 and Henry at $6. Guy is offering me 2 potential trades:

Juju $18 and Cohen $17 for
Cooper $29 and Godwin $6


Godwin at $6 straight up for Kerryon at $23

What are your thoughts on both?

Scott Pagel 4for4 Scout

I don't think I'd do the second one. I like Kerryon but I'm not sure he's worth that price. I like the idea of shopping Godwin for a RB, but I think you could maybe do a little better (possibly anyway since I don't know all the values. It's close, but I'd at least shop around before doing that one.)

If you're going to do one of the two, I do like the first one a little better as long as your league is PPR which helps you take advantage of Cohen's talents. I'm not a huge Cooper guy so I think he's a little over-priced and I like the value you get back.

I will say, it seems like Godwin is a valuable piece so I'd maybe shop him around and just see if you could do a little better than both of these.

Jul 17, 2019 ยท 10:02 AM EDT