Daily Fantasy Promos

Season-Long Promos and Bonuses

There are all sorts of reasons to play daily fantasy, the most enticing of which is that you can become an instant millionaire in a single tournament. That’s one hell of an incentive to get your money onto sites like DraftDay, FanDuel, and DraftKings. Each of those sites always has some awesome promotions running.


FanDuel - Week 17

FanDuel is again running their million dollar guaranteed prize pool tournament in Week 17 called The $2.5M NFL Sunday Million. The entry fee is $25 and there are 114,942 spots. Best of all, first prize is $300,000, second place is $100,000 and third place takes home $70,000. In fact, you could finish in 10th place and still take home a whopping 10 grand. The top 21,840 entrants cash and the lowest prize is $50. If you're in position to spare at least one $25 entry fee, the upside on this tournament is enormous and one of the best in the industry.

FanDuel also offers a bunch of great guaranteed prize pool tournaments for smaller stakes players every week, and Week 17 is no different. The $1 "NFL Dive" and $2 "NFL Snap" both have multiple contests already open with over 50,000 entrants and grand prizes up to $6,000. Best of all, as these become full, the site releases more and more contests (as they do with almost every small stakes contest) until almost right up to kickoff, so there's always enough action to be had in these. For some more upside at low stakes, check out the "$600K Sun NFL Rush", which boasts a top prize of $50,000 at a $5 entry fee price point.

If you also play NBA DFS, you can use your NFL skills to win a ticket to the NBA Playboy Mansion Championship. Qualifiers are running this week with extry fees at $2 and $25.

Each year, FanDuel runs the FFFC Championship Tournament, which took place last week. The FFFC grand prize in 2014 was $2 million, with second place netting $1 million and third place taking home $500,000. There was $7 million guaranteed in finalist cash prizes and another $3 million in guaranteed runner-up prizes.

FFFC finalists were treated to a weekend in Las Vegas, which includes air fare, three nigts in the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas hotel, and entry for two to a party each day. The parties included a welcome reception last Friday, a Saturday party at Marquee, and Festivities culminated Sunday with finalists being invited to a Sunday NFL viewing party at the Cosmopolitcan's ballroom.

Check out the FFFC recap here.

FanDuel Deposit Bonus: 15% up to $200



DraftKings - Week 17

This week, the regular season commences with the $2 million Touchdown Championship, with a $500,000 grand prize. It has 11,100 entrants and the buy-in is $200. The top 2,300 entrants cash and the lowest prize is $300. Satellites are running this week, including one with 4,200 entrants and a $27 buy-in giving out 500 tickets.

The second-largest Week 17 guaranteed prize pool tournament at DraftKings is the "$500k Hail Mary Championship", which has an entry fee of $12. The 47,500-entry contest has a top prize of $100,000, and the lowest you can win is $20. The top 9,500 entrants cash.

If you're a smaller stakes player, DraftKings still has you covered in Week 17. The $2 entry "NFL Playaction Championship" contest boasts $250,000 in total payouts. The grand prize is $25,000. The field is huge at 143,700, but as usual, the top 20 percent of entrants cash and can at least double their entry fee if not much, much more. The $5 "Flea Flicker" is also a solid lower stakes option, with a grand prizes of $15,000.

DraftKings ran their Fantasy Football Millionaire Series for 2014. This event is was originally to broken up to four main events throughout the season, with the premise of "4 months, 4 millionaires." The main events were originally scheduled for week 5  (Millionaire Maker, which then returned every week since), 11, and 15,(King of the Beach), then scheduled to culminate in week 16 with the World Championship. The Millionaire Series slogan has since been renamed to the more fitting "millionaires all season long", and commenced in Week 15.

DraftKings is also again running their Steps Tourneys through which you can turn $2 into $200. It might be the easiest way to quickly grow a bankroll without hoping for a big tournament cash. The goal is to advance to the fourth step to win prizes, and you can buy directly in for $88 or start at step one for $2.

DraftKings Deposit Bonus: 100% up to $600

DraftKings offers free entry into a paid game with every first-time deposit.

*It's worth noting that DraftKings' bonus gets wiped away in six months, so you need to get enough action to unlock it during that time.


DraftDay - Week 17

DraftDay is again running two big guaranteed prize pool tournaments for Week 17. The first is "The DOUBLE Benjamin", which has a $200 buy-in and pays out $15,000 in total. There are 56 spots available and the first place winner nets $2,000. Second and third place win prizes of $1,500 and $1,250 respectively. Eleven of the 56 entrants are paid out, with the lowest winning prize set at $400.

DraftDay's other big guaranteed prize pool is "The Frenzy". It has a $20 buy-in, $5,000 in prizes, and up to 279 entrants. First place wins $750, with second place getting $500 and third place netting $375. The top 70 entrants get paid out and the lowest possible prize you can win is $25.

For the smaller stakes players, the new $5.50 "Playmaker" is for you. The winner takes home $375. The contest has 500 spots and the top 85 entrants cash, with the lowest prize you can possibly win being $7.50. DraftDay also recently introduced another small-stakes tournament, the $2.20 "Wildcat". It also has 500 entries with a top prize of $300 and the top 114 entrants being paid out.

In addition, DraftDay is always running their $1 Million Perfect Lineup Challenge and Week 17 is no different. If you pick the highest-scoring player at every position, you’ll instantly become a millionaire. The odds of taking it down aren’t great, obviously; if you assume a 10 percent chance of hitting on each position, the probability of getting a perfect lineup is still onl one-in-one-billion. But it’s free to enter, so you have nothing to lose and the upside is enormous. Who will you choose?

**Note: For a limited time, DraftDay is offering a free $20 game entry when you refer a friend.

DraftDay Deposit Bonus: 100% up to $600