Targets, Touches, and Risk with Alex Gelhar

Jul 17, 2019
Targets, Touches, and Risk with Alex Gelhar

On this episode of The Most Accurate Podcast, presented by DRAFT, Alex Gelhar joins Greg Smith and they kick off the show with a review some tough-to-evaluate fantasy situations stemming from Alex's league-wide review of targets and touches at the end of 2018. The discussion then moves to their favorite Next Gen Stats (and other more traditional statistics) to apply to fantasy football. Later, your hosts go deep on how to assess and weigh different types of risk in concert when evaluating players, including a special segment to speculate on the greatest risks associated with some of the least risky players from the early rounds of drafts. From there, Alex and Greg close out the episode with a quick check-in on their respective Scott Fish Bowl drafts.

This podcast is brought to you by DRAFT, where you can use the promo code 4for4 with your first deposit to get a free $3 best ball draft.

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2018 Targets & Touches in Review by Alex Gelhar
Next Gen Stats
Scott Fish Bowl

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