The Most Accurate Podcast: Mining for Mid-Round Values with Evan Silva

The Most Accurate Podcast: Mining for Mid-Round Values with Evan Silva

On this episode of The Most Accurate Podcast, presented by DRAFT, Evan Silva of joins Greg Smith for their annual fantasy football draft strategy deep dive. Kicking things off in the Fourth of July spirit, Evan identifies an early round player likely to celebrate newfound fantasy independence this season, then he discusses a pair of teams that captured his interest while editing Warren Sharp's 2019 Football Preview. After a quick check-in on the Dallas Cowboys' depth chart, Evan and Greg get to the meat of the episode, outlining how positional values and positional reliability should inform draft strategies. That conversation continues with an accounting of mid-round running backs and wide receivers to target depending on those early-round draft strategies drafters employ. Tune in and take your fantasy game to the next level.

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