Laying a DFS Foundation for 2019 and the Week 1 Slate with Davis Mattek

Laying a DFS Foundation for 2019 and the Week 1 Slate with Davis Mattek

On this supersized episode of The Most Accurate Podcast, Greg Smith is first joined by Holden Kushner (@HoldenRadio) of the Fantasy First podcast. They talk about the holdout situations of Ezekiel Elliott and Melvin Gordon, plus the fantasy outlook of the injured A.J. Green. Then Davis Mattek (@DavisMattek) joins the show for a big-picture primer on DFS (11:43). Greg and Davis discuss the mindset shift required when moving from seasonal to daily fantasy, how to get started choosing contests and building lineups, and the strategy behind using tools like betting lines, correlation plays, and lineup optimizers. The show wraps up with a look at the Week 1 DFS slate. Davis identifies matchups that might not meet expectations set by the betting lines, as well as a handful of players at each position who are set up to deliver value in the opening weekend of daily fantasy.

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