Fantasy Football Rankings vs. ADP with Pat Fitzmaurice

Fantasy Football Rankings vs. ADP with Pat Fitzmaurice

Pat Fitzmaurice joins Greg Smith on this episode and they dig into the process that made Pat's fantasy football rankings so successful last season (5:23). From there, Greg grills Pat on players he has ranked significantly higher or lower than ADP, going from running backs (17:17) to wide receivers (26:49), then quarterbacks (46:07) and tight ends (54:46). The back-half of the show is one last deep dive into this year's Scott Fish Bowl (1:00:22), and it's interesting to add Pat's perspective because both he and Greg drafted from the sixth pick, but to very different results. After a quick discussion on the politics and etiquette of slow drafts like the SFB and some general strategy talk from Pat, your hosts finish out the show with a boxing-style accounting of who won each round drafting from the 1.06 spot.

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