Andrew Luck Retires, Auction Strategy, and Tight End Talk with Rudy Gamble

Andrew Luck Retires, Auction Strategy, and Tight End Talk with Rudy Gamble

Greg Smith is joined by Rudy Gamble (@rudygamble) to break down the impact of Andrew Luck's retirement on his Colts teammates in fantasy, as well as Duke Johnson's outlook in Houston now that Lamar Miller is lost for the season. Greg then grills Rudy on his projections process, specifically relating to tight ends, before pivoting into a short conversation about auction strategy and dollar value projections. They close out the show with a discussion of the tight end position as a whole. Which upper-tier tight ends are liable to bust? Where can drafters find value at the position in later rounds? What are the advantages in joining the cult of Darren Waller? Listen in and find out.

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