Week 1 NFL DFS Preseason Breakdown

Week 1 NFL DFS Preseason Breakdown

By Pat James (Contributor), last update Mar 5, 2019

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Pat began playing season-long fantasy football in 2001 and daily fantasy football during the 2012 season. He has been a daily fantasy football writer since 2013 and vividly remembers the day he became hooked on DFS, Christmas Eve of 2013, when Andy Dalton and AJ Green helped him bink a bunch of tournaments on DraftStreet.

The task of creating profitable pre-season daily fantasy lineups does not come easy. You’re basically trying to figure out who will get the most playing time amongst a 90-man roster—on both FanDuel and DraftKings, all players are priced equally in preseason, so there's no need to consider value. Often times coaches will elude to who they plan to give the most playing time to, but it can backfire. In this first week of the preseason, you’ll usually see the first unit play only a series, if at all. The second string often finishes out the first half, then the third and fourth string get the second half. There are exceptions but, usually, that’s pretty close to how it will be split up.

This week we don’t want to roster many first-string players because of their limited playing time. Can Alvin Kamara break a 50-yard run on one of the seven snaps he gets? Sure, but our goal is to maximize opportunity here. It’s even possible to cash in tournaments with a zero in your lineup because of the unpredictable nature of these games.

What I’ll be doing in this article is curating all the playing time information that I find from reviewing beat writer articles, twitter, and coach press conferences. Oftentimes, we end up rostering players from teams whose depth charts are thin, forcing only one or two players to take all the snaps at a certain position.

While I plan to update this article often up until about an hour before kickoff, I encourage you to scour through beat reports to find tidbits from beat writers and coaches that indicate who made get high usage in preseason week 1.

John Paulsen’s Twitter list of beat writers is a great resource.

Browns at Giants

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