The Turnover - Zero-RB is Dead!

Jul 27, 2018
The Turnover - Zero-RB is Dead!

The pilot episode of our new show, The Turnover, brings you the news of the week through the eyes of the totally normal, not in any way unconventional host, Peter Overzet. Peter takes a comedic look at everything and anything under the NFL and fantasy football umbrella in The Turnover.

This week's segments:

  • Should You Still Draft Ricky Seals-Jones? Depends...
  • Why Punting Is Poised To Revolutionize NFL Offenses
  • A Mysterious Goldfish Reveals Her #SFB8 Drafting Secrets
  • Zero-RB Is Finally Dead. We Promise.
  • You Won't Believe What Denver Broncos TE Troy Fumagalli Is Up To

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