DFS Wide Receiver vs. Cornerback Matchup Analysis: Divisional Round Edition

DFS Wide Receiver vs. Cornerback Matchup Analysis: Divisional Round Edition

By Mike Woellert (IDP Expert), last update Jan 12, 2018

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When it comes to selecting receivers in DFS, it’s important to understand who will cover them. Many times defense-versus-position stats alone don't tell the whole story or overlooked defensive injuries will have a significant effect.

Below is a chart detailing each wide receiver versus cornerback matchup for Week 19, cornerback fantasy points allowed per target, catch rate allowed, and yards per target allowed. With the regular season in the books, the data has painted a pretty good picture for us on who to target in our lineups. The most important column is the last one (+/-), which indicates whether the matchup is an upgrade or downgrade for the receiver.

After the chart, I also provide key notes such as veteran receivers that will square off against rookies, how a wide receiver matchup might affect the team's tight end, etc. The Divisional Round features more difficult matchups, however, anything can happen on a four-game slate. As always, this chart will be updated to reflect breaking news.

Week 19 (Divisional Round) Wide Receiver vs. Cornerback Matchups

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