WR vs. CB Matchups to Exploit & Avoid in DFS - Week 1

WR vs. CB Matchups to Exploit & Avoid in DFS - Week 1

By Mike Woellert (IDP Expert), last update Sep 9, 2016

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When it comes to selecting receivers in DFS, it’s important to understand who will cover them, as sometimes defense versus position stats alone don't tell the whole story. In addition, there can many times be defensive injuries that will have a significant, and perhaps hidden, effect on a receiver's matchup. Below we'll take a deeper look at the matchups that should help in your WR decisions for Week 1.

Note: Any unlisted matchups -- especially those of prominent WRs -- should generally be considered a push.


Carolina Panthers at Denver Broncos

Avoid: The Broncos CBs are about as tough as they come. Ted Ginn will draw Aqib Talib, who has been a very good outside cover corner and creates small windows between him and his opponent. Kelvin Benjamin might be worth a tourney shot because of his size advantage on Bradley Roby, but even that would be a dart throw at best. Benjamin's snap count coming off injury is also a bit worrisome. I haven't even mentioned the best of the bunch, Chris Harris, who tends to line up and the slot and will likely see time on all of the Panthers receivers, who all get a downgrade here.

Be Cautious: Both Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders will be lining up on rookie cornerbacks. Jeremy Bradberrry should see Thomas most of the night, but he’s the stronger of the two. Emmanuel Sanders lines up on Daryl Worley, Carolina's 3rd-round pick. Both receivers are a wild card with Trevor Siemian at the helm, as Carolina's dominant front seven should be able to protect their inexperienced CBs against an equally inexperienced QB.


Cleveland Browns at Philadelphia Eagles

Exploit: Jordan Matthews should draw Jamar Taylor on the outside, who was ranked as one of the bottom cover corners while he was with Miami. Luckily, Matthews will avoid Joe Haden. When the Eagles deploy three-WR sets, Matthews will line up in the slot, and Haden doesn't play inside. Matthews' matchup in the slot against 33-year-old Tramon Williams is not imposing. The Browns are going to have trouble covering Matthews this week, as long as he is healthy.

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