Bales Goes Deep: Overreacting to Week 1

Bales Goes Deep: Overreacting to Week 1

By Jonathan Bales (Daily Fantasy Expert), last update Sep 15, 2015

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Jonathan Bales is a DraftKings Pro and the author of the Fantasy Football for Smart People book series. His latest book, How to Win at Daily Fantasy Sports, is a data-driven guide to winning on DraftKings. He is also (unofficially) sponsored by GrubHub.

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One good thing about willingly eating Lunchables every day is that when you lose all your money in Week 1 and are then forced to eat Lunchables every day, no one can even tell the difference. “Oh no, he’s not broke. He’s been eating those ham and bologna (not turkey) Lunchables for the past decade.”

I’m not saying I’m broke, I’m just saying fancy dinners like Outback and Chili’s are going to be off the table for a while.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from playing DFS, it’s that you absolutely need to be an emotional player. Let the swings get to you. Play with your heart. Double-down in Week 2. It’s the only way to be a profitable player. If I’m not first, I want to be last, which worked out well for me in Week 1.

Now I’m going to try to maybe give some actual advice that isn’t awful.

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Is Overreacting to Week 1 Always Bad?

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