4for4 Staff 14-Team PPR Draftmaster Recap

4for4 Staff 14-Team PPR Draftmaster Recap

By Scott Pagel (4for4 Scout), last updated Aug 14, 2014

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Scott Pagel is Sports Editor for the Bethlehem Press and has covered Philadelphia Eagles training camp since 1997. Scott has played fantasy football since the 90s and has been contributing at 4for4 since 2005.

Follow Scott on Twitter: @4for4_Scott.

Starting in early August, some of the staff and contributors here at 4for4 Fantasy Football took part in what is now our annual mock draft. This will be the fourth official year of the event.

Two year ago, site owner Josh Moore put up money to the winner in an effort to make it as competitive as possible, and last year we even expanded to include both a PPR and a standard league with generous first-place prizes.

The format is draftmaster, or best ball. We draft 16 rounds and don’t make any changes throughout the season as host site MyFantasyLeague.com does all the work and calculates our best lineups for us then calculates the points. Teams weren’t allowed to draft more than 1 kicker or 1 defense and no more than 2 quarterbacks. Our starting lineup for this league consists of 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 flex (TE, RB, WR), 1 K and 1 defense. There were 14 teams in this year’s PPR format, up from 12 a year ago. You can see the league here.

Obviously things are pretty competitive with a bunch of guys who know a lot about fantasy football, but at the same time I always think it's a good way to get inside everyone’s mind as far as strategy goes. So once again, after the drafts concluded, I asked everyone a series of questions that I thought readers might find helpful as their draft days approach over the next few weeks.

Last year, John Paulsen won the PPR league and yours truly came out on top in the standard league. If you read the lead to my perfect draft story, drafting 5th in a 10-team league, you know I went 0-for-4 in my finals last year, so it was nice to come away with a win somewhere. How I can come out on top against fantasy experts but not my drunken college friends, I’ll never know… but I’ll take it.

This piece will strictly focus on our PPR league. Participating were: site owner Josh Moore (@4for4_Josh), Senior Editor John Paulsen (@4for4_John), Scout Brandon Niles (@2guysbrandon), Scout Andy Rioux (@andyrioux), Support Expert Matt Rittle (@ffrittle), Luis Escalante, Contributor Denny Carter (@CDCarter13), Scout Dale Lolley (@dlolleyor), Scout Chris Kucharski (@CKSportsBlitz), Injury Expert Russell Manalastas (@russmanalastas), Scout Jordan Heck (@jordanHeckFF), Scout Scot Berggren and Scout Bob Harris (@footballdiehard).


Which Way Do I Go?

Who goes in the first two rounds is always a big deal, and it’s especially worth breaking down in any expert mock draft. In our league, eight running backs went off the board in the first round, five wide receivers and one TE.

When you hear people talking about fantasy drafting strategy this year, the big change seems to be owners addressing stud wide receivers early because RB value seems to be down and available in later rounds. So I was a little surprised by running backs outnumbering wideouts this year. In fact, the first five picks were all RBs: Bob took LeSean McCoy with the top pick, Luis took Jamaal Charles, Chris took Matt Forte, Dale took Eddie Lacy and Brandon took Adrian Peterson.

For Brandon, who is also my co-host in the Discuss Your Team forum here at 4for4, he was a little surprised by who was there when it was his turn at 1.5.

“Picking fifth, I was expecting to go WR-WR in this one, but with Adrian Peterson still on the board, I changed my strategy due to the available backs and went RB-RB in the first two rounds, but I still intended on waiting for TE's and QB's,” Brandon said.

Brandon wasn’t the only one to go RB-RB with his first two picks. Bob of course took McCoy first and then with 2.14 he went Toby Gerhart, who is expected to do big things with the Jaguars. Matt selected Montee Ball with his first pick and followed it up with Marshawn Lynch in the second.

For Bob, it was all part of his plan based on picking first.

“Given the first pick overall, and the resulting long delay before picks two and three, I was hoping to start off with LeSean McCoy, my top-rated back, before following up by landing another solid back with upside and a high-end wideout,” Bob said.

Meanwhile, Matt allowed the draft come to him.

“I tend to have a lot of ‘show up and see what happens’ in my drafts, or perhaps I should instead say I'm very flexible. It's problematic to have a set strategy going in," he said. "That said, the 2 WR format guided me to devaluing WRs, and the 14 teams made the values of top RBs increase a lot. You'll often see TE and QB value increase in 14 teamers, so I wanted to be aware of trends on those positions, for sure.”

Only two teams started off going WR-WR with their first two picks. John nabbed Calvin Johnson and then came back and picked Alshon Jeffery in the second, and Jordan took Julio Jones and Antonio Brown.

“Drafting in the middle of the first round, I decided the value was in the WR position (or Jimmy Graham),” John said.

The majority of the teams, six, did a RB-WR combo with their first two picks, including myself. While no one really admitted that was their strategy going in, it was something I intended to do picking eighth. I love to go running back with my first pick, and had highlighted Ball about five times before eventually going with Demaryius Thomas.

I’ve seemed to land the 7-8-9 area with a lot of mocks this year, so with my second pick I’ve been targeting Ball or Giovani Bernard. However, I knew neither were going to be there when my pick of 2.7 came around. But, I ended up with Andre Ellington, so I really liked the way my first two picks worked out with that strategy for a 14-team league.

Others who went with the RB-WR combo were Dale (Lacy, Randall Cobb), Scot (Dez Bryant, LeVeon Bell), Andy (A.J. Green, Arian Foster), Denny (DeMarco Murray, Jordy Nelson) and Russell (Giovani Bernard, Brandon Marshall).

Josh broke the early RB streak and took TE Jimmy Graham at 1.6. His philosophy was to go TE-QB and he ended up getting Peyton Manning with pick 2.9. He pretty much used a go-for-it strategy all throughout the draft.

“In a deeper league like a 14-teamer, I decided to start elite TE-QB and cobble together RBs and WRs later,” Josh said. “Being that only first place in this draft pays out, I also went with a couple of boom or bust picks in Christine Michael and Josh Gordon. Screw second place.”

Luis and Chris took two different philosophies. Chris went with Forte in the first and QB Drew Brees in the second while Luis went Charles at 1.2 and then TE Rob Gronkowski in the late second.

Luis’ strategy was to just take guys who have stayed healthy in the past, but it proved hard to do early on with the value available.

“I was sniped a lot as this is the first industry draft I've been in,” he said. “But for the most part, I feel comfortable and felt a few players fell. For example, even though Gronk doesn't fit the ‘no injury prone guys,’ I feel he's going to have a huge year,” Luis said.


Did It Work?

Usually everyone likes their team after a draft, and for the most part, comments after this draft were positive. Personally, I love my WRs but feel I’m a little thin at RB. Guys like Ellington, Shane Vereen and Chris Johnson should do well in the format for me, but I see a lot of up and down weeks coming from them.

I wasn’t the only one feeling thin at RB though.

“Starting WR-WR left me thin at RB, but I think I shored it up nicely with Zac Stacy, Pierre Thomas and Ray Rice. I'm very happy with my receiving corps,” John said.

“I am happy to have landed Jimmy Graham and Peyton Manning in the first two rounds, and I'm quite happy with my WRs. In a 14-teamer though, something always has to suffer, and for me it is my RBs," Josh said. "Although I do believe they can plug holes and get the job done, I don't have any studs and don't have much depth at RB: Joique Bell, Danny Woodhead, Fred JacksonChristine Michael and Ronnie Hillman."

“I really like my PPR team, but my RBs are a bit thin with LeVeon Bell, Steven Jackson and Johnathan Stewart,” Scot added.

What all of us who desired more at RB had in common was we drafted in about the middle of the first round. That was after the stud RBs went off the board, and it was perhaps a bit too early to take RBs like Bernard and Ball at that point. As a result, though, we all feel strong at WR. The good news is all the backs myself, John, Scot and Josh were able to draft are pretty good names to target where we did and should provide stability as long as they stay healthy.

Not everyone feels left out at RB though. Matt and Brandon both felt they came away with quality at the position and it’s not a coincidence they picked at the top of the first round.

“Through four rounds, I had Ball, Lynch, Vincent Jackson and Larry Fitzgerald. That would be an adequate start in a 10 team league," Matt said. "However, I didn't want to continue hitting the WRs heavy, given the format. I was happy to see others not jumping on the QB train early on."

“Going Peterson-Doug Martin 1-2 wasn't the plan, but it worked out fine. I'm happy with the Pierre Garcon and Cordarrelle Patterson at WR,” Brandon said about his team.


Waiting is the Hardest Part

Tom Petty likely wasn’t talking about fantasy football when he wrote that song, but I always think about it when I hear waiting on certain positions is wise.

Seems like over the last few years, you’re always being told to wait on this position or wait on that position. I try to think back to the 1990s and I don’t believe it used to be that way. (Editor's Note: I wouldn't rely too heavily on Scott's memories of the 90's. He spent the better part of that decade in a drunken haze). There were more kickers and defenses flying off the board early those years, and it’s kind of comical to think about it now. But with so many resources out there today, strategy in your draft has become very important to give you that extra edge. It seems like when you get a bunch of fantasy experts together to draft, everyone waits like they’re supposed to, often leaving me to wonder ‘did I take this guy too early?’

This year, outside of the top-three at quarterback and tight end, waiting is how you’re supposed to do it at those positions. Unfortunately, in a 14-team league, you can’t wait too long or you’re going to get left out, so timing was everything.

A little surprisingly, five QBs went off the board by pick 4.6: Manning 2.9, Brees 2.12, Aaron Rodgers 3.4, Matt Stafford 4.1 and then Andrew Luck at 4.6. After that, 22 players were drafted before there was another QB selected, and that was Cam Newton at 6.10 by Brandon – who admitted this was a homer pick. After that, there was a bit of a run with Robert Griffin III at 7.1, Nick Foles at 7.7, Tom Brady at 7.8 and Matt Ryan at 7.10.

As for TE, the top-three were off the board by pick 3.3. After that, Jordan Cameron was next at 4.4, but then we saw a lull before a run in rounds 6-8, which is probably going to be a pretty typical occurrence in most drafts. I think all these guys present great value for this point in drafts, and will likely produce some stud-like games along the way: Greg Olsen went at 6.5, Vernon Davis at 6.6, Jason Witten at 6.7, Jordan Reed at 6.14, Dennis Pitta at 7.14, Kyle Rudolph at 8.3 and Zach Ertz at 8.8.


Blue Light Specials

For those of you old enough to remember, K-Mart used to have a portable blue light flash at certain parts of the store where items would be discounted. Then an announcement would come over the loudspeaker letting shoppers know where to go. I remember my parents always running to see what items were going at bargain prices by the blue light. Fantasy football late round draft picks are very similar, and us scouts often get asked “who can I target in late rounds that will turn out to be of value.”

Fortunately for everyone, that’s a question I like to get an answer from by those who participates – selfishly, even for my own good.

Luis was happy to get Rashad Jennigns with pick 5.2 (remember, this is a 14-teamer). Now that David Wilson is no longer in the picture, RB2 duties are likely going to rookie Andre Williams, who I happened to see play in high school here in the Lehigh Valley in Eastern PA (Both he and the Cowboys Devin Street, while I’m dropping names, were covered at our family of newspapers). While Williams is looking good, Jennings is looking even better and is having a nice preseason. Getting RB value with the 72nd pick is a pretty big deal.

Josh is high on RB Fred Jackson, who he got with pick 8.9. Jackson finished as a top-15 back three of the last five seasons and should get his share of work again this season in a run-heavy offense in Buffalo.

John nabbed Panthers rookie WR Kelvin Benjamin in the 9th round and news on him continues to be positive now that he’s back at camp. He made a real nice TD catch in his opening preseason game and continues to be talked about as a WR1.

I have a good feeling about my pick at 15.8 in Malcom Floyd as long as he can stay healthy. I targeted guys later in the draft who have been in the news getting some positive press, and Floyd looks like he’s back this season after a terrible injury last year. He’s traditionally put up WR3 numbers before getting hurt.

For more of our favorite value picks, check out the comments section.


PC Drafter

Once again I kept track of our drafts using PC Drafter. I was pretty amazed that a lot of the selections by all of the owners were PCD’s top pick or were at least very close to the top. It was reassuring to me as someone who likes to use the program.

Last year, PC Drafter predicted John as the top finisher in our PPR league, and sure enough, he was. So, its predictions are worth putting some stock into.

This year, the program picked Luis as the winner with Josh second and Chris third. Six teams were within 100 points of the projected starter points though, so this is shaping up to be quite a season.



This has turned into a pretty enjoyable, learning and competitive experience for me, and hopefully for everyone. Many of those who took part acknowledged they enjoy competing against guys who have made fantasy football a huge part of their lives.

And, hopefully everyone who reads this gets some extra insight for their upcoming drafts. How 4for4 scouts and contributors rank, and what they think about certain players, may be that last bit of information you need to influence you to hopefully make a solid pick and take your team the fantasy playoffs and eventually a championship.


Draft Results



Team Owner: Bob Harris
Team Name: Bob Harris

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     Bills, Buffalo                BUF     9      115       Rd:11/Pk:0
K     Gould, Robbie                 CHI     9      119       Rd:11/Pk:1
QB    Griffin-III, Robert           WAS     10     285       Rd:06/Pk:0
QB    Roethlisberger, Ben           PIT     12     270       Rd:10/Pk:0
RB    McCoy, LeSean                 PHI     7      305       Rd:01/Pk:0
RB    Morris, Alfred                WAS     10     212       Rd:02/Pk:1
RB    Gerhart, Toby                 JAX     11     210       Rd:03/Pk:1
RB    Williams, DeAngelo            CAR     12     146       Rd:09/Pk:0
TE    Reed, Jordan                  WAS     10     186       Rd:06/Pk:0
TE    Graham, Garrett               HOU     10     128       Rd:11/Pk:1
WR    Harvin, Percy                 SEA     4      222       Rd:04/Pk:0
WR    Wallace, Mike                 MIA     5      216       Rd:05/Pk:1
WR    Shorts, Cecil                 JAX     11     184       Rd:09/Pk:0
WR    Streater, Rod                 OAK     5      152       Rd:11/Pk:1
WR    Britt, Kenny                  STL     4      144       Rd:11/Pk:1
WR    Austin, Miles                 CLE     4      109       Rd:11/Pk:1
Total Player Points:3003                                     

1. What was your draft strategy? 
Given the first pick overall, and the resulting long delay before picks two and three, I was hoping to start off with LeSean McCoy (my top-rated back) before following up by landing another solid back with upside and a high-end wideout.

2. Did it work? 
No. I pre-drafted Rounds 2 and 3, but left a running back at the top of my list with the third pick. Ideally, I would have Pierre Garcon instead of Alfred Morris.

3. Biggest surprise? 
That I managed to land some wideouts that have the potential to come through with

4. In the draft, I regret... 
The pre-draft faux pas. Pay attention when drafting kids.

5. What was your favorite value pick? 
Cecil Shorts in Round 9. If I can get a full season out of him, he could get me 70-80 catches.

6. What did you learn/take away from this draft? 
Did I mention paying attention to your draft software, settings and pre-draft picks?

Team Owner: Luis Escalante
Team Name: Luis Escalante

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     Patriots, New-England         NE      10     121       Rd:09/Pk:1
K     Novak, Nick                   SD      10     126       Rd:11/Pk:1
QB    Wilson, Russell               SEA     4      292       Rd:09/Pk:1
QB    Smith, Alex                   KC      6      265       Rd:11/Pk:1
RB    Charles, Jamaal               KC      6      350       Rd:01/Pk:0
RB    Jennings, Rashad              NYG     8      201       Rd:04/Pk:0
RB    Robinson, Khiry               NO      6      90        Rd:09/Pk:0
RB    Sims, Charles                 TB      7      81        Rd:11/Pk:1
TE    Gronkowski, Rob               NE      10     245       Rd:02/Pk:0
TE    Eifert, Tyler                 CIN     4      121       Rd:11/Pk:1
WR    Allen, Keenan                 SD      10     240       Rd:03/Pk:0
WR    Crabtree, Michael             SF      8      221       Rd:04/Pk:0
WR    Cooks, Brandin                NO      6      198       Rd:07/Pk:0
WR    Maclin, Jeremy                PHI     7      193       Rd:05/Pk:0
WR    Hunter, Justin                TEN     9      142       Rd:09/Pk:0
WR    Lee, Marqise                  JAX     11     140       Rd:11/Pk:1
Total Player Points:3026                                     

1. What was your draft strategy?
My strategy in best ball leagues is always to set a consistent foundation (no injury "prone" guys) and then fill it up with guys that could break out with big weeks throughout the year.

2. Did it work?
I was sniped a lot as this is the first "industry" draft I've been in, but for the most part, I feel comfortable and felt a few players fell. For example, even though Gronk doesn't fit the "no injury prone guys", I feel he's going to have a huge year.

3. Biggest surprise?
QB's and RB's continue to fall, which I think is a great strategy in PPR. Load up on pass catchers then fill the rest later (unless value falls, of course). I also thought Denny got a huge bargain and 4.02 with Torrey Smith, he should put up WR1 #'s this year.

4. In the draft, I regret...
I feel I jumped too early Hunter and Russ Wilson. Coming from a dynasty background, that's "cheap" but Hunter does fill the mold of huge boom/bust player that I like in best ball.

5. What was your favorite value pick?
I thought Rashad Jennings being available a full round later than his normal PPR ADP was interesting.

6. What did you learn/take away from this draft?
More than ever, I think drafting is all about catching value. Don't set your mind on just one strategy, be open to change if a player falls, because THAT player could make a huge difference.

Team Owner: Brandon Niles
Team Name: Brandon Niles

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     Jets, New-York                NYJ     11     83        Rd:11/Pk:1
K     Zuerlein, Greg                STL     4      112       Rd:11/Pk:1
QB    Newton, Cam                   CAR     12     293       Rd:07/Pk:0
QB    Rivers, Philip                SD      10     269       Rd:09/Pk:1
RB    Peterson, Adrian              MIN     10     293       Rd:01/Pk:0
RB    Martin, Doug                  TB      7      212       Rd:02/Pk:1
RB    Sproles, Darren               PHI     7      145       Rd:06/Pk:1
RB    Rodgers, Jacquizz             ATL     9      97        Rd:11/Pk:1
RB    Hyde, Carlos                  SF      8      88        Rd:08/Pk:0
TE    Allen, Dwayne                 IND     10     130       Rd:11/Pk:0
TE    Lewis, Marcedes               JAX     11     129       Rd:11/Pk:1
WR    Garcon, Pierre                WAS     10     236       Rd:03/Pk:0
WR    Patterson, Cordarrelle        MIN     10     223       Rd:03/Pk:1
WR    Jackson, DeSean               WAS     10     208       Rd:04/Pk:0
WR    Boldin, Anquan                SF      8      188       Rd:09/Pk:0
WR    Adams, Davante                GB      9      45        Rd:11/Pk:1
Total Player Points:2751                                     

1. What was your draft strategy?
Picking 5th, I was expecting to go WR-WR in this one too, but with Adrian Peterson still on the board, I changed my strategy due to the available backs and went RB-RB in the first two rounds, but I still intended on waiting for TE's and QB's.

2. Did it work?
Waiting on QB and TE worked.  I love Cam Newton in the 6th round, and I think I got a high upside TE late as well in Dwayne Allen.  Going Peterson-Doug Martin 1-2 wasn't the plan, but it worked out fine.  I'm happy with the Pierre Garcon and Cordarrelle Patterson at WR. 

3. Biggest surprise?
I was surprised by the fall of Darren Sproles in a PPR format in Chip Kelly's offense.  Especially in a best ball league.  Understanding he had a rough year and won't be a key guy, a five round drop from last year to this year seems a bit much to me on the surface.  

4. In the draft, I regret...
Drafting DeSean Jackson.  I like him, but I already had Pierre Garcon and I just didn't think it through when I grabbed him straight off my rankings.  In hindsight I prefer not to double up WR's on the same team. 

5. What was your favorite value pick?
Not to pump my own pick, but Doug Martin late in the 2nd round in a PPR 14 team draft I think is pretty good value.  TB was a mess last year, and it's hard to believe he won't bounce back now that there is a new coaching staff in place.

6. What did you learn/take away from this draft? (nothing is an ok answer)
Like in the standard league, waiting on a QB was confirmed this draft.  Kap in the 9th, Romo in the 10th... using a QBBC approach might be the ideal way to go this season with value that late.

Team Owner: Josh Moore
Team Name: Josh Moore

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     Bengals, Cincinnati           CIN     4      122       Rd:09/Pk:0
K     Bryant, Matt                  ATL     9      121       Rd:11/Pk:1
QB    Manning, Peyton               DEN     4      371       Rd:02/Pk:0
QB    Bridgewater, Teddy            MIN     10     217       Rd:11/Pk:1
RB    Bell, Joique                  DET     9      198       Rd:04/Pk:1
RB    Woodhead, Danny               SD      10     185       Rd:07/Pk:0
RB    Jackson, Fred                 BUF     9      154       Rd:08/Pk:0
RB    Hillman, Ronnie               DEN     4      95        Rd:11/Pk:1
RB    Michael, Christine            SEA     4      83        Rd:08/Pk:1
TE    Graham, Jimmy                 NO      6      291       Rd:01/Pk:0
TE    Amaro, Jace                   NYJ     11     57        Rd:11/Pk:1
WR    Johnson, Andre                HOU     10     237       Rd:03/Pk:1
WR    Wright, Kendall               TEN     9      228       Rd:06/Pk:0
WR    Jones, Marvin                 CIN     4      200       Rd:09/Pk:0
WR    Baldwin, Doug                 SEA     4      169       Rd:11/Pk:1
WR    Gordon, Josh                  CLE     4      139       Rd:10/Pk:1
Total Player Points:2867                                     

1. What was your draft strategy?
In a deeper league (14 teamer) I decided to start elite TE/QB and cobble together RBs and WRs later. Being that only first place in this draft pays out, I also went with a couple of boom or bust picks in Christine Michael and Josh Gordon. Screw second place.

2. Did it work?
I am happy to have landed Jimmy Graham & Peyton Manning in the first two rounds, and I'm quite happy with my WRs. In a 14-teamer though, something always has to suffer, and for me it is my RBs. Although I do believe they can plug holes and get the job done, I don't have any studs and don't have much depth at RB: Joique, Woodhead, FJax, Michael, Hillman. 

3. Biggest surprise?
I was actually surprised to get Peyton at 2.09 in a 14 teamer.

4. In the draft, I regret...
I should have probably grabbed a Peyton backup a bit sooner. Peyton gave me the luxury to wait, but I would have preferred a better QB2 than Bridgewater. 

5. What was your favorite value pick?
Fred Jackson at 8.09 (14-teams) could turn out to be a steal. He has finished as a top 15 back three of the last 

6. What did you learn/take away from this draft?
It's tough drafting against 13 4for4 contributors.

Team Owner: John Paulsen
Team Name: John Paulsen

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     Panthers, Carolina            CAR     12     125       Rd:08/Pk:1
K     Walsh, Blair                  MIN     10     116       Rd:11/Pk:1
QB    Foles, Nick                   PHI     7      315       Rd:06/Pk:0
QB    Locker, Jake                  TEN     9      220       Rd:11/Pk:1
RB    Stacy, Zac                    STL     4      215       Rd:03/Pk:0
RB    Thomas, Pierre                NO      6      202       Rd:05/Pk:1
RB    Rice, Ray                     BAL     11     197       Rd:05/Pk:0
RB    White, James                  NE      10     97        Rd:11/Pk:1
RB    Brown, Bryce                  BUF     9      33        Rd:11/Pk:1
TE    Walker, Delanie               TEN     9      156       Rd:11/Pk:0
TE    Ertz, Zach                    PHI     7      149       Rd:09/Pk:0
WR    Johnson, Calvin               DET     9      316       Rd:01/Pk:0
WR    Jeffery, Alshon               CHI     9      276       Rd:02/Pk:0
WR    Williams, Terrance            DAL     11     204       Rd:06/Pk:0
WR    Benjamin, Kelvin              CAR     12     176       Rd:09/Pk:0
WR    Douglas, Harry                ATL     9      170       Rd:11/Pk:1
Total Player Points:2967                                     

1. What was your draft strategy?
Drafting in the middle of the first round, I decided the value was in the WR position (or Jimmy).

2. Did it work?
Starting WR/WR left me thin at RB, but I think I shored it up nicely with Zac Stacy, Pierre Thomas and Ray Rice. I'm very happy with my receiving corps.

3. Biggest surprise?
Five QBs were off the board by pick 4.06.

4. In the draft, I regret...
Drafting Pierre in the 4th -- I probably could have gotten him in the 5th.

5. What was your favorite value pick?
Kelvin Benjamin looks poised for a very good rookie season. Happy to get him in the 9th of a 14-teamer.

Team Owner: Scott Pagel
Team Name: Scott Pagel

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     Chiefs, Kansas-City           KC      6      116       Rd:10/Pk:1
K     Prater, Matt                  DEN     4      142       Rd:11/Pk:1
QB    Brady, Tom                    NE      10     292       Rd:06/Pk:1
QB    Flacco, Joe                   BAL     11     228       Rd:11/Pk:1
RB    Ellington, Andre              ARI     4      233       Rd:02/Pk:1
RB    Vereen, Shane                 NE      10     215       Rd:04/Pk:0
RB    Johnson, Chris                NYJ     11     208       Rd:04/Pk:1
RB    Ivory, Chris                  NYJ     11     78        Rd:11/Pk:0
TE    Witten, Jason                 DAL     11     197       Rd:06/Pk:0
TE    Celek, Brent                  PHI     7      75        Rd:11/Pk:1
WR    Thomas, Demaryius             DEN     4      314       Rd:01/Pk:0
WR    Hilton, T.Y.                  IND     10     220       Rd:05/Pk:0
WR    Evans, Mike                   TB      7      183       Rd:08/Pk:0
WR    Stills, Kenny                 NO      6      177       Rd:09/Pk:0
WR    Floyd, Malcom                 SD      10     152       Rd:11/Pk:1
WR    Dobson, Aaron                 NE      10     116       Rd:10/Pk:1
Total Player Points:2946                                     

1. What was your draft strategy?
Picking 8th my goal was to go WR-RB early and often and try to follow standart procedure after that - like wait on QB and TE and then take guys at the end who are capble of boom weeks.

2. Did it work?
I think it worked. I feel like I'm deep at WR and have some pass catching backs along with two, hopefully, usable QBs.

3. Biggest surprise?
My biggest surprise is my quality of WRs with Thomas, Hilton, Evans and Stills. All should have their big weeks and get me points. I think there is more quality at WR later in drafts than people are giving credit.

4. In the draft I regretÖ 
I regret maybe not addressing RB more. Not sure Ellington can hold up and Vereen is my RB2 but will likely be up and down. After that it's a Chris Johnson/Chris Ivory combo. I'm usually a RB guy.

5. What was your favorite value pick?
My favorite value picks are a trio of WRs: Evans at 9.8, Dobson at 10.7 and Floyd at 15.8. All I think could have their share of big weeks, which I won't have to predict.

Team Owner: Scot Berggren
Team Name: Scot Berggren

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     49ers, San-Francisco          SF      8      125       Rd:08/Pk:0
K     Bailey, Dan                   DAL     11     127       Rd:11/Pk:1
QB    Luck, Andrew                  IND     10     303       Rd:05/Pk:0
QB    Dalton, Andy                  CIN     4      265       Rd:10/Pk:0
RB    Bell, LeVeon                  PIT     12     236       Rd:02/Pk:0
RB    Jackson, Steven               ATL     9      164       Rd:06/Pk:0
RB    Stewart, Jonathan             CAR     12     98        Rd:11/Pk:1
RB    Carey, KaDeem                 CHI     9      37        Rd:11/Pk:1
TE    Davis, Vernon                 SF      8      162       Rd:05/Pk:0
TE    Ebron, Eric                   DET     9      127       Rd:10/Pk:0
WR    Bryant, Dez                   DAL     11     304       Rd:01/Pk:0
WR    Cruz, Victor                  NYG     8      232       Rd:03/Pk:0
WR    Decker, Eric                  NYJ     11     208       Rd:06/Pk:1
WR    Hopkins, DeAndre              HOU     10     182       Rd:07/Pk:1
WR    Beckham, Odell                NYG     8      137       Rd:11/Pk:1
WR    Richardson, Paul              SEA     4      32        Rd:11/Pk:1
Total Player Points:2739                                     

1. What was your draft strategy?
 Try to find the players that are going to touch the ball the most, especially the WRs since the NFL is becoming such a passing league. Happy that I ended up with 3 No. 1 WRs in Bryant, Cruz and Decker.

2. Did it work?
I really like my PPR team, but my RBs are a bit thin with L. Bell, S. Jackson, J. Stewart and K. Carey (so far). 

3. Biggest surprise?
Not a lot of surprises with draft selections, but interesting to see how similar the two drafts went - lots of the same players were drafted in similar rounds.
Know he is going to miss the first two games, but Ray Rice going in round 5 in both drafts seemed a bit low.

4. In the draft, I regret...

5. What was your favorite value pick?
PPR - Decker in the 5th, S. Jackson in the 7th - I think Jackson still has some game left in him if he can stay healthy.

6. What did you learn/take away from this draft?
That Josh Moore is almost as famous as Paul Revere.

Team Owner: Matt Rittle
Team Name: Matt Rittle

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     Buccaneers, Tampa-Bay         TB      7      117       Rd:11/Pk:0
K     Hauschka, Steven              SEA     4      127       Rd:11/Pk:1
K     Tucker, Justin                BAL     11     116       Rd:11/Pk:1
QB    Kaepernick, Colin             SF      8      289       Rd:08/Pk:0
QB    Cutler, Jay                   CHI     9      274       Rd:08/Pk:1
RB    Ball, Montee                  DEN     4      254       Rd:01/Pk:1
RB    Lynch, Marshawn               SEA     4      239       Rd:02/Pk:0
RB    Richardson, Trent             IND     10     166       Rd:04/Pk:1
RB    West, Terrance                CLE     4      113       Rd:07/Pk:0
TE    Clay, Charles                 MIA     5      162       Rd:10/Pk:0
TE    Gates, Antonio                SD      10     135       Rd:11/Pk:1
WR    Jackson, Vincent              TB      7      237       Rd:03/Pk:0
WR    Fitzgerald, Larry             ARI     4      230       Rd:03/Pk:1
WR    Tate, Golden                  DET     9      207       Rd:06/Pk:1
WR    Cotchery, Jerricho            CAR     12     142       Rd:11/Pk:1
WR    Matthews, Jordan              PHI     7      141       Rd:10/Pk:0
Total Player Points:2949                                     

1. What was your draft strategy?
I tend to have a lot of "show up and see what happens" in my drafts, or perhaps I should instead say I'm very flexible. It's problematic to have a set strategy going in. That said, the 2 WR format guided me to devaluing WRs, and the 14 teams made the values of top RBs increase a lot. You'll often see TE and QB value increase in 14 teamers, so I wanted to be aware of trends on those positions, for sure.

2. Did it work?
It did. Through four rounds, I had Ball, Lynch, V Jax & Fitzgerald. That would be an adequate start in a 10 team league. However, I didn't want to continue hitting the WRs heavy, given the format. I was happy to see others not jumping on the QB train early on. It's easy to miss out in a 14 teamer, so I did jump on Cutler earlier than I would in a 12 teamer. Still, I didn't take a QB or TE until round 8, so I was very happy with that. I tend to like a lot of my teams when I can wait on the "onesie" positions.

3. Biggest surprise?
Usually leagues larger than 14, tend to pounce on the QBs and TEs. I got Cutler & Kap in the 8th/9th, and Clay in the 10th. Very happy with that.

4. In the draft, I regret...
I love how this draft fell for me. I don't really regret anything, save the wisdom that hindsight provides. (I didn't see Hill lasting into the mid-9th, and could've taken a better TE over my last RB in the 7th if I had known ahead of time.)

5. What was your favorite value pick?
I'm not his biggest fan this year, but I love that Jordan Matthews fell to me in the late 11th. He goes earlier than that in 12 team leagues.

6. What did you learn/take away from this draft? (nothing is an ok answer)
Perhaps, I was lucky, but my strategy coming in proved really great. Hit up early stud RBs. Grab two solid WRs, and then worry about other positions for a while unless a value really falls. Wait on QB/TE. Worked like a dream in this one. Was lucky, maybe.

Team Owner: Jordan Heck
Team Name: Jordan Heck

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     Cardinals, Arizona            ARI     4      117       Rd:10/Pk:1
K     Freese, Nate                  DET     9      101       Rd:11/Pk:1
QB    Tannehill, Ryan               MIA     5      239       Rd:11/Pk:1
QB    Bradford, Sam                 STL     4      226       Rd:11/Pk:1
RB    Bush, Reggie                  DET     9      210       Rd:03/Pk:0
RB    Sankey, Bishop                TEN     9      210       Rd:04/Pk:0
RB    Ridley, Stevan                NE      10     127       Rd:05/Pk:1
RB    McFadden, Darren              OAK     5      117       Rd:08/Pk:1
RB    Mason, Tre                    STL     4      66        Rd:11/Pk:0
TE    Rudolph, Kyle                 MIN     10     170       Rd:07/Pk:1
TE    Bennett, Martellus            CHI     9      167       Rd:10/Pk:0
WR    Brown, Antonio                PIT     12     300       Rd:02/Pk:0
WR    Jones, Julio                  ATL     9      290       Rd:01/Pk:1
WR    Watkins, Sammy                BUF     9      200       Rd:06/Pk:0
WR    Wayne, Reggie                 IND     10     198       Rd:07/Pk:0
WR    Amendola, Danny               NE      10     149       Rd:09/Pk:1
Total Player Points:2887                                     

1. What was your draft strategy?
My strategy is a combination of best player available and wait on a quarterback. 

2. Did it work?
Kind of. I'm happy with my RBs and my WRs, but I waited too long to take a QB. My Ryan Tannehill and Sam Bradford combination could work out, but it's a big risk considering I don't have a proven guy.

3. Biggest surprise?
Nothing too surprising comes to mind.

4. In the draft I regretÖ
I regret waiting too long on a QB. I like Tannehill's potential, but I'd rather have someone I trust as my main guy and have Tannehill is a backup with potential.

5. What was your favorite value pick?
In a draft with fantasy experts it's difficult to find value. There wasn't really a point in this draft where I felt like 'wow this guy fell to me here.' Players were drafted about where I expected them to be.

6. What did you learn/take away from this draft?
One thing I took away from this draft is how different it is drafting with 14 teams compared to 12. I only play in 12-team leagues, so it took some adjusting later in the draft.

Team Owner: Denny Carter
Team Name: Denny Carter

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     Saints, New-Orleans           NO      6      113       Rd:11/Pk:0
K     Feely, Jay                    ARI     4      110       Rd:11/Pk:1
QB    Palmer, Carson                ARI     4      240       Rd:11/Pk:1
QB    Smith, Geno                   NYJ     11     168       Rd:11/Pk:1
RB    Murray, DeMarco               DAL     11     253       Rd:01/Pk:1
RB    Miller, Lamar                 MIA     5      174       Rd:05/Pk:1
RB    Pierce, Bernard               BAL     11     93        Rd:07/Pk:1
RB    Williams, Andre               NYG     8      89        Rd:11/Pk:1
TE    Green, Ladarius               SD      10     131       Rd:09/Pk:1
TE    Kelce, Travis                 KC      6      103       Rd:11/Pk:1
WR    Nelson, Jordy                 GB      9      270       Rd:02/Pk:0
WR    Floyd, Michael                ARI     4      223       Rd:04/Pk:0
WR    Colston, Marques              NO      6      218       Rd:06/Pk:0
WR    Smith, Torrey                 BAL     11     200       Rd:05/Pk:0
WR    Bowe, Dwayne                  KC      6      193       Rd:07/Pk:1
WR    Latimer, Cody                 DEN     4      21        Rd:11/Pk:1
Total Player Points:2599                                     

Team Owner: Russell Manalastas
Team Name: Russell Manalastas

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     Ravens, Baltimore             BAL     11     117       Rd:10/Pk:0
K     Dawson, Phil                  SF      8      124       Rd:11/Pk:1
QB    Stafford, Matthew             DET     9      300       Rd:05/Pk:0
QB    Manziel, Johnny               CLE     4      215       Rd:11/Pk:1
RB    Bernard, Giovani              CIN     4      256       Rd:02/Pk:0
RB    Jones-Drew, Maurice           OAK     5      168       Rd:06/Pk:1
RB    Freeman, Devonta              ATL     9      117       Rd:08/Pk:0
RB    Dunbar, Lance                 DAL     11     93        Rd:11/Pk:1
RB    Starks, James                 GB      9      81        Rd:11/Pk:1
RB    Brown, Donald                 SD      10     76        Rd:11/Pk:1
TE    Pitta, Dennis                 BAL     11     183       Rd:07/Pk:0
TE    Bostick, Brandon              GB      9      22        Rd:11/Pk:1
WR    Marshall, Brandon             CHI     9      295       Rd:01/Pk:1
WR    White, Roddy                  ATL     9      233       Rd:04/Pk:0
WR    Sanders, Emmanuel             DEN     4      213       Rd:05/Pk:1
WR    Wheaton, Markus               PIT     12     157       Rd:10/Pk:1
Total Player Points:2650                                     

1. What was your draft strategy? 
Honestly, I was a little intimidated since this was my first draft with the 4for4 contributors. So basically my strategy was to not suck, haha. When I got asked to join this draft it reminded me a lot of this scene from kingpin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Srm21isYMs
2. Did it work? 
I think it worked, I'm pretty happy with my team except my RB2 in MJD could end up hurting me a bit if he gets hurt or ends up having carries taken away by DMC. 
3. Biggest surprise? 
Biggest surprise for me was not liking my options in the 4th and having to go with Matt Stafford. I've leaned heavily on the draft a QB late theory for the past couple of years, but considering I was last in the 14 team picking, and didn't love my options at WR or RB, QB was a safe pick for me. 
4. In the draft, I regret...
I probably regret drafting Devonta Freeman where I did at the end of the 8th round. He's got some work to do to climb up the depth chart and probably should've grabbed someone with higher upside and more volume at that pick.
5. What was your favorite value pick? 
Biggest value pick for me was James Starks at the end of the 15th. He is clearly Lacy's handcuff and if Lacy does go down, which he did last year, he'll be the lead RB in Green Bay. Honestly didn't think he was going to last to me after I picked in the 14th but I was glad to take him there. 
6. What did you learn/take away from this draft? 
Biggest takeaway is that you can't just pick random guys when you have contributors who know their shit. You need to be on top of your game or you could end up at the bottom of the standings from the get go. 

Team Owner: Chris Kucharski
Team Name: Chris Kucharski

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     Rams, St.-Louis               STL     4      122       Rd:09/Pk:0
K     Vinatieri, Adam               IND     10     119       Rd:11/Pk:1
QB    Brees, Drew                   NO      6      346       Rd:03/Pk:0
QB    Romo, Tony                    DAL     11     279       Rd:08/Pk:0
RB    Forte, Matt                   CHI     9      318       Rd:01/Pk:0
RB    Mathews, Ryan                 SD      10     193       Rd:03/Pk:1
RB    Bradshaw, Ahmad               IND     10     110       Rd:11/Pk:0
RB    Moreno, Knowshon              MIA     5      89        Rd:08/Pk:1
TE    Thomas, Julius                DEN     4      230       Rd:03/Pk:0
TE    Fleener, Coby                 IND     10     104       Rd:11/Pk:1
WR    Edelman, Julian               NE      10     218       Rd:05/Pk:0
WR    Jennings, Greg                MIN     10     186       Rd:10/Pk:0
WR    Boykin, Jarrett               GB      9      181       Rd:10/Pk:0
WR    Cooper, Riley                 PHI     7      162       Rd:08/Pk:0
WR    Moore, Lance                  PIT     12     139       Rd:11/Pk:1
WR    Johnson, Stevie               SF      8      82        Rd:11/Pk:1
Total Player Points:2878                                     

Team Owner: Dale Lolley
Team Name: Dale Lolley

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     Seahawks, Seattle             SEA     4      126       Rd:07/Pk:0
D     Bears, Chicago                CHI     9      89        Rd:11/Pk:1
K     Gostkowski, Stephen           NE      10     135       Rd:11/Pk:1
QB    Rodgers, Aaron                GB      9      365       Rd:02/Pk:1
QB    Schaub, Matt                  OAK     5      193       Rd:11/Pk:1
RB    Lacy, Eddie                   GB      9      265       Rd:01/Pk:0
RB    Tate, Ben                     CLE     4      171       Rd:05/Pk:0
RB    Blount, LeGarrette            PIT     12     94        Rd:11/Pk:1
RB    Ingram, Mark                  NO      6      90        Rd:11/Pk:0
TE    Cameron, Jordan               CLE     4      203       Rd:04/Pk:1
TE    Miller, Heath                 PIT     12     144       Rd:11/Pk:1
WR    Cobb, Randall                 GB      9      263       Rd:02/Pk:1
WR    Austin, Tavon                 STL     4      172       Rd:08/Pk:0
WR    Smith, Steve-L                BAL     11     154       Rd:11/Pk:0
WR    Nicks, Hakeem                 IND     10     119       Rd:08/Pk:1
WR    Jones, James                  OAK     5      110       Rd:10/Pk:1
Total Player Points:2693                                     

Team Owner: Andy Rioux
Team Name: Andy Rioux

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     Broncos, Denver               DEN     4      120       Rd:10/Pk:0
K     Crosby, Mason                 GB      9      135       Rd:11/Pk:1
QB    Ryan, Matt                    ATL     9      288       Rd:07/Pk:0
QB    Manning, Eli                  NYG     8      228       Rd:11/Pk:1
RB    Foster, Arian                 HOU     10     242       Rd:02/Pk:0
RB    Spiller, C.J.                 BUF     9      207       Rd:03/Pk:0
RB    Gore, Frank                   SF      8      172       Rd:04/Pk:1
RB    Hill, Jeremy                  CIN     4      121       Rd:08/Pk:0
RB    Davis, Knile                  KC      6      73        Rd:11/Pk:0
TE    Olsen, Greg                   CAR     12     193       Rd:07/Pk:0
TE    Cook, Jared                   STL     4      126       Rd:11/Pk:1
WR    Green, A.J.                   CIN     4      296       Rd:01/Pk:1
WR    Welker, Wes                   DEN     4      221       Rd:04/Pk:0
WR    Randle, Rueben                NYG     8      186       Rd:07/Pk:0
WR    Hartline, Brian               MIA     5      177       Rd:11/Pk:1
WR    Holmes, Andre                 OAK     5      141       Rd:11/Pk:1
Total Player Points:2926       

Rnd  Pck  League Team         Player Name              Pos    Team     ADP
1    1    Bob                 McCoy, LeSean              RB    PHI  Rd:01/Pk:01
1    2    Luis                Charles, Jamaal            RB    KC   Rd:01/Pk:02
1    3    Chris               Forte, Matt                RB    CHI  Rd:01/Pk:04
1    4    Dale                Lacy, Eddie                RB    GB   Rd:01/Pk:06
1    5    Brandon             Peterson, Adrian           RB    MIN  Rd:01/Pk:03
1    6    Josh                Graham, Jimmy              TE    NO   Rd:01/Pk:08
1    7    John                Johnson, Calvin            WR    DET  Rd:01/Pk:05
1    8    Scott P.            Thomas, Demaryius          WR    DEN  Rd:01/Pk:07
1    9    Scot B.             Bryant, Dez                WR    DAL  Rd:01/Pk:09
1    10   Andy                Green, A.J.                WR    CIN  Rd:01/Pk:10
1    11   Matt                Ball, Montee               RB    DEN  Rd:01/Pk:12
1    12   Jordan              Jones, Julio               WR    ATL  Rd:01/Pk:13
1    13   Denny               Murray, DeMarco            RB    DAL  Rd:01/Pk:11
1    14   Russell             Bernard, Giovani           RB    CIN  Rd:02/Pk:05
2    1    Russell             Marshall, Brandon          WR    CHI  Rd:01/Pk:14
2    2    Denny               Nelson, Jordy              WR    GB   Rd:02/Pk:06
2    3    Jordan              Brown, Antonio             WR    PIT  Rd:02/Pk:08
2    4    Matt                Lynch, Marshawn            RB    SEA  Rd:02/Pk:01
2    5    Andy                Foster, Arian              RB    HOU  Rd:02/Pk:04
2    6    Scot B.             Bell, LeVeon               RB    PIT  Rd:02/Pk:02
2    7    Scott P.            Ellington, Andre           RB    ARI  Rd:02/Pk:14
2    8    John                Jeffery, Alshon            WR    CHI  Rd:02/Pk:09
2    9    Josh                Manning, Peyton            QB    DEN  Rd:02/Pk:03
2    10   Brandon             Martin, Doug               RB    TB   Rd:02/Pk:10
2    11   Dale                Cobb, Randall              WR    GB   Rd:02/Pk:12
2    12   Chris               Brees, Drew                QB    NO   Rd:03/Pk:02
2    13   Luis                Gronkowski, Rob            TE    NE   Rd:02/Pk:07
2    14   Bob                 Gerhart, Toby              RB    JAX  Rd:03/Pk:10
3    1    Bob                 Morris, Alfred             RB    WAS  Rd:02/Pk:13
3    2    Luis                Allen, Keenan              WR    SD   Rd:03/Pk:04
3    3    Chris               Thomas, Julius             TE    DEN  Rd:03/Pk:03
3    4    Dale                Rodgers, Aaron             QB    GB   Rd:02/Pk:11
3    5    Brandon             Garcon, Pierre             WR    WAS  Rd:03/Pk:07
3    6    Josh                Johnson, Andre             WR    HOU  Rd:03/Pk:11
3    7    John                Stacy, Zac                 RB    STL  Rd:03/Pk:01
3    8    Scott P.            Vereen, Shane              RB    NE   Rd:04/Pk:02
3    9    Scot B.             Cruz, Victor               WR    NYG  Rd:03/Pk:08
3    10   Andy                Spiller, C.J.              RB    BUF  Rd:03/Pk:05
3    11   Matt                Jackson, Vincent           WR    TB   Rd:03/Pk:09
3    12   Jordan              Bush, Reggie               RB    DET  Rd:03/Pk:06
3    13   Denny               Floyd, Michael             WR    ARI  Rd:04/Pk:07
3    14   Russell             White, Roddy               WR    ATL  Rd:04/Pk:01
4    1    Russell             Stafford, Matthew          QB    DET  Rd:05/Pk:02
4    2    Denny               Smith, Torrey              WR    BAL  Rd:05/Pk:03
4    3    Jordan              Sankey, Bishop             RB    TEN  Rd:04/Pk:04
4    4    Matt                Fitzgerald, Larry          WR    ARI  Rd:03/Pk:12
4    5    Andy                Welker, Wes                WR    DEN  Rd:04/Pk:03
4    6    Scot B.             Luck, Andrew               QB    IND  Rd:05/Pk:05
4    7    Scott P.            Johnson, Chris             RB    NYJ  Rd:04/Pk:13
4    8    John                Thomas, Pierre             RB    NO   Rd:05/Pk:12
4    9    Josh                Bell, Joique               RB    DET  Rd:04/Pk:14
4    10   Brandon             Patterson, Cordarrelle     WR    MIN  Rd:03/Pk:14
4    11   Dale                Cameron, Jordan            TE    CLE  Rd:04/Pk:12
4    12   Chris               Edelman, Julian            WR    NE   Rd:05/Pk:09
4    13   Luis                Crabtree, Michael          WR    SF   Rd:04/Pk:05
4    14   Bob                 Wallace, Mike              WR    MIA  Rd:05/Pk:11
5    1    Bob                 Harvin, Percy              WR    SEA  Rd:04/Pk:06
5    2    Luis                Jennings, Rashad           RB    NYG  Rd:04/Pk:09
5    3    Chris               Mathews, Ryan              RB    SD   Rd:03/Pk:13
5    4    Dale                Tate, Ben                  RB    CLE  Rd:05/Pk:06
5    5    Brandon             Jackson, DeSean            WR    WAS  Rd:04/Pk:08
5    6    Josh                Wright, Kendall            WR    TEN  Rd:06/Pk:02
5    7    John                Rice, Ray                  RB    BAL  Rd:05/Pk:04
5    8    Scott P.            Hilton, T.Y.               WR    IND  Rd:05/Pk:01
5    9    Scot B.             Decker, Eric               WR    NYJ  Rd:06/Pk:10
5    10   Andy                Gore, Frank                RB    SF   Rd:04/Pk:11
5    11   Matt                Richardson, Trent          RB    IND  Rd:04/Pk:10
5    12   Jordan              Ridley, Stevan             RB    NE   Rd:05/Pk:13
5    13   Denny               Miller, Lamar              RB    MIA  Rd:05/Pk:14
5    14   Russell             Jones-Drew, Maurice        RB    OAK  Rd:06/Pk:14
6    1    Russell             Sanders, Emmanuel          WR    DEN  Rd:05/Pk:10
6    2    Denny               Colston, Marques           WR    NO   Rd:06/Pk:03
6    3    Jordan              Watkins, Sammy             WR    BUF  Rd:06/Pk:01
6    4    Matt                Tate, Golden               WR    DET  Rd:06/Pk:11
6    5    Andy                Olsen, Greg                TE    CAR  Rd:07/Pk:02
6    6    Scot B.             Davis, Vernon              TE    SF   Rd:05/Pk:08
6    7    Scott P.            Witten, Jason              TE    DAL  Rd:06/Pk:05
6    8    John                Williams, Terrance         WR    DAL  Rd:06/Pk:08
6    9    Josh                Woodhead, Danny            RB    SD   Rd:07/Pk:04
6    10   Brandon             Newton, Cam                QB    CAR  Rd:07/Pk:03
6    11   Dale                Austin, Tavon              WR    STL  Rd:08/Pk:05
6    12   Chris               Cooper, Riley              WR    PHI  Rd:08/Pk:07
6    13   Luis                Maclin, Jeremy             WR    PHI  Rd:05/Pk:07
6    14   Bob                 Reed, Jordan               TE    WAS  Rd:06/Pk:09
7    1    Bob                 Griffin-III, Robert        QB    WAS  Rd:06/Pk:07
7    2    Luis                Cooks, Brandin             WR    NO   Rd:07/Pk:05
7    3    Chris               Moreno, Knowshon           RB    MIA  Rd:08/Pk:14
7    4    Dale                Seahawks, Seattle          D     SEA  Rd:07/Pk:06
7    5    Brandon             Sproles, Darren            RB    PHI  Rd:06/Pk:13
7    6    Josh                Jones, Marvin              WR    CIN  Rd:09/Pk:05
7    7    John                Foles, Nick                QB    PHI  Rd:06/Pk:04
7    8    Scott P.            Brady, Tom                 QB    NE   Rd:06/Pk:12
7    9    Scot B.             Jackson, Steven            RB    ATL  Rd:06/Pk:06
7    10   Andy                Ryan, Matt                 QB    ATL  Rd:07/Pk:06
7    11   Matt                West, Terrance             RB    CLE  Rd:07/Pk:07
7    12   Jordan              Wayne, Reggie              WR    IND  Rd:07/Pk:01
7    13   Denny               Pierce, Bernard            RB    BAL  Rd:07/Pk:13
7    14   Russell             Pitta, Dennis              TE    BAL  Rd:07/Pk:08
8    1    Russell             Freeman, Devonta           RB    ATL  Rd:08/Pk:08
8    2    Denny               Bowe, Dwayne               WR    KC   Rd:07/Pk:12
8    3    Jordan              Rudolph, Kyle              TE    MIN  Rd:07/Pk:10
8    4    Matt                Cutler, Jay                QB    CHI  Rd:08/Pk:10
8    5    Andy                Randle, Rueben             WR    NYG  Rd:07/Pk:09
8    6    Scot B.             Hopkins, DeAndre           WR    HOU  Rd:07/Pk:14
8    7    Scott P.            Stills, Kenny              WR    NO   Rd:09/Pk:03
8    8    John                Ertz, Zach                 TE    PHI  Rd:09/Pk:01
8    9    Josh                Jackson, Fred              RB    BUF  Rd:08/Pk:02
8    10   Brandon             Boldin, Anquan             WR    SF   Rd:09/Pk:07
8    11   Dale                Smith, Steve-L             WR    BAL  Rd:11/Pk:04
8    12   Chris               Jennings, Greg             WR    MIN  Rd:10/Pk:09
8    13   Luis                Hunter, Justin             WR    TEN  Rd:09/Pk:08
8    14   Bob                 Williams, DeAngelo         RB    CAR  Rd:09/Pk:02
9    1    Bob                 Shorts, Cecil              WR    JAX  Rd:09/Pk:06
9    2    Luis                Wilson, Russell            QB    SEA  Rd:09/Pk:11
9    3    Chris               Boykin, Jarrett            WR    GB   Rd:10/Pk:04
9    4    Dale                Ingram, Mark               RB    NO   Rd:11/Pk:08
9    5    Brandon             Hyde, Carlos               RB    SF   Rd:08/Pk:09
9    6    Josh                Michael, Christine         RB    SEA  Rd:08/Pk:11
9    7    John                Benjamin, Kelvin           WR    CAR  Rd:09/Pk:09
9    8    Scott P.            Evans, Mike                WR    TB   Rd:08/Pk:06
9    9    Scot B.             Stewart, Jonathan          RB    CAR  Rd:11/Pk:10
9    10   Andy                Hill, Jeremy               RB    CIN  Rd:08/Pk:03
9    11   Matt                Kaepernick, Colin          QB    SF   Rd:08/Pk:01
9    12   Jordan              Amendola, Danny            WR    NE   Rd:09/Pk:12
9    13   Denny               Williams, Andre            RB    NYG  Rd:11/Pk:10
9    14   Russell             Wheaton, Markus            WR    PIT  Rd:10/Pk:10
10   1    Russell             Dunbar, Lance              RB    DAL  Rd:11/Pk:10
10   2    Denny               Green, Ladarius            TE    SD   Rd:09/Pk:13
10   3    Jordan              Bennett, Martellus         TE    CHI  Rd:10/Pk:02
10   4    Matt                Clay, Charles              TE    MIA  Rd:10/Pk:08
10   5    Andy                Hartline, Brian            WR    MIA  Rd:11/Pk:10
10   6    Scot B.             49ers, San-Francisco       D     SF   Rd:08/Pk:02
10   7    Scott P.            Dobson, Aaron              WR    NE   Rd:10/Pk:13
10   8    John                Walker, Delanie            TE    TEN  Rd:11/Pk:09
10   9    Josh Gordon, Josh               WR    CLE  Rd:10/Pk:12
10   10   Brandon             Allen, Dwayne              TE    IND  Rd:11/Pk:05
10   11   Dale                Miller, Heath              TE    PIT  Rd:11/Pk:10
10   12   Chris               Romo, Tony                 QB    DAL  Rd:08/Pk:04
10   13   Luis                Robinson, Khiry            RB    NO   Rd:09/Pk:04
10   14   Bob                 Roethlisberger, Ben        QB    PIT  Rd:10/Pk:03
11   1    Bob                 Britt, Kenny               WR    STL  Rd:11/Pk:10
11   2    Luis                Eifert, Tyler              TE    CIN  Rd:11/Pk:10
11   3    Chris               Bradshaw, Ahmad            RB    IND  Rd:11/Pk:02
11   4    Dale                Blount, LeGarrette         RB    PIT  Rd:11/Pk:10
11   5    Brandon             Rivers, Philip             QB    SD   Rd:09/Pk:10
11   6    Josh                Baldwin, Doug              WR    SEA  Rd:11/Pk:10
11   7    John                White, James               RB    NE   Rd:11/Pk:10
11   8    Scott P.            Ivory, Chris               RB    NYJ  Rd:11/Pk:06
11   9    Scot B.             Dalton, Andy               QB    CIN  Rd:10/Pk:06
11   10   Andy                Manning, Eli               QB    NYG  Rd:11/Pk:10
11   11   Matt                Matthews, Jordan           WR    PHI  Rd:10/Pk:01
11   12   Jordan              Tannehill, Ryan            QB    MIA  Rd:11/Pk:10
11   13   Denny               Kelce, Travis              TE    KC   Rd:11/Pk:10
11   14   Russell             Brown, Donald              RB    SD   Rd:11/Pk:10
12   1    Russell             Manziel, Johnny            QB    CLE  Rd:11/Pk:10
12   2    Denny               Palmer, Carson             QB    ARI  Rd:11/Pk:10
12   3    Jordan              McFadden, Darren           RB    OAK  Rd:08/Pk:12
12   4    Matt                Gates, Antonio             TE    SD   Rd:11/Pk:10
12   5    Andy                Cook, Jared                TE    STL  Rd:11/Pk:10
12   6    Scot B.             Ebron, Eric                TE    DET  Rd:10/Pk:05
12   7    Scott P.            Flacco, Joe                QB    BAL  Rd:11/Pk:10
12   8    John                Panthers, Carolina         D     CAR  Rd:08/Pk:12
12   9    Josh                Hillman, Ronnie            RB    DEN  Rd:11/Pk:10
12   10   Brandon             Lewis, Marcedes            TE    JAX  Rd:11/Pk:10
12   11   Dale                Nicks, Hakeem              WR    IND  Rd:08/Pk:13
12   12   Chris               Rams, St.-Louis            D     STL  Rd:09/Pk:03
12   13   Luis                Smith, Alex                QB    KC   Rd:11/Pk:10
12   14   Bob                 Graham, Garrett            TE    HOU  Rd:11/Pk:10
13   1    Bob                 Streater, Rod              WR    OAK  Rd:11/Pk:10
13   2    Luis                Patriots, New-England      D     NE   Rd:09/Pk:11
13   3    Chris               Fleener, Coby              TE    IND  Rd:11/Pk:10
13   4    Dale                Gostkowski, Stephen        K     NE   Rd:11/Pk:10
13   5    Brandon             Rodgers, Jacquizz          RB    ATL  Rd:11/Pk:10
13   6    Josh                Bengals, Cincinnati        D     CIN  Rd:09/Pk:07
13   7    John                Douglas, Harry             WR    ATL  Rd:11/Pk:10
13   8    Scott P.            Prater, Matt               K     DEN  Rd:11/Pk:10
13   9    Scot B.             Carey, KaDeem              RB    CHI  Rd:11/Pk:10
13   10   Andy                Broncos, Denver            D     DEN  Rd:10/Pk:01
13   11   Matt                Hauschka, Steven           K     SEA  Rd:11/Pk:10
13   12   Jordan              Bradford, Sam              QB    STL  Rd:11/Pk:10
13   13   Denny               Smith, Geno                QB    NYJ  Rd:11/Pk:10
13   14   Russell             Ravens, Baltimore          D     BAL  Rd:10/Pk:09
14   1    Russell             Dawson, Phil               K     SF   Rd:11/Pk:10
14   2    Denny               Saints, New-Orleans        D     NO   Rd:11/Pk:05
14   3    Jordan              Mason, Tre                 RB    STL  Rd:11/Pk:01
14   4    Matt                Tucker, Justin             K     BAL  Rd:11/Pk:10
14   5    Andy                Crosby, Mason              K     GB   Rd:11/Pk:10
14   6    Scot B.             Bailey, Dan                K     DAL  Rd:11/Pk:10
14   7    Scott P.            Chiefs, Kansas-City        D     KC   Rd:10/Pk:12
14   8    John                Locker, Jake               QB    TEN  Rd:11/Pk:10
14   9    Josh                Bryant, Matt               K     ATL  Rd:11/Pk:10
14   10   Brandon             Adams, Davante             WR    GB   Rd:11/Pk:10
14   11   Dale                Schaub, Matt               QB    OAK  Rd:11/Pk:10
14   12   Chris Johnson, Stevie            WR    SF   Rd:11/Pk:10
14   13   Luis                Sims, Charles              RB    TB   Rd:11/Pk:10
14   14   Bob                 Austin, Miles              WR    CLE  Rd:11/Pk:10
15   1    Bob                 Gould, Robbie              K     CHI  Rd:11/Pk:10
15   2    Luis                Lee, Marqise               WR    JAX  Rd:11/Pk:10
15   3    Chris               Vinatieri, Adam            K     IND  Rd:11/Pk:10
15   4    Dale                Bears, Chicago             D     CHI  Rd:11/Pk:10
15   5    Brandon             Zuerlein, Greg             K     STL  Rd:11/Pk:10
15   6    Josh                Bridgewater, Teddy         QB    MIN  Rd:11/Pk:10
15   7    John                Walsh, Blair               K     MIN  Rd:11/Pk:10
15   8    Scott P.            Floyd, Malcom              WR    SD   Rd:11/Pk:10
15   9    Scot B.             Beckham, Odell             WR    NYG  Rd:11/Pk:10
15   10   Andy                Holmes, Andre              WR    OAK  Rd:11/Pk:10
15   11   Matt                Buccaneers, Tampa-Bay      D     TB   Rd:11/Pk:02
15   12   Jordan              Cardinals, Arizona         D     ARI  Rd:10/Pk:14
15   13   Denny               Latimer, Cody              WR    DEN  Rd:11/Pk:10
15   14   Russell             Starks, James              RB    GB   Rd:11/Pk:10
16   1    Russell             Bostick, Brandon           TE    GB   Rd:11/Pk:10
16   2    Denny               Feely, Jay                 K     ARI  Rd:11/Pk:10
16   3    Jordan              Freese, Nate               K     DET  Rd:11/Pk:10
16   4    Matt                Cotchery, Jerricho         WR    CAR  Rd:11/Pk:10
16   5    Andy                Davis, Knile               RB    KC   Rd:11/Pk:07
16   6    Scot B.             Richardson, Paul           WR    SEA  Rd:11/Pk:10
16   7    Scott P.            Celek, Brent               TE    PHI  Rd:11/Pk:10
16   8    John                Brown, Bryce               RB    BUF  Rd:11/Pk:10
16   9    Josh                Amaro, Jace                TE    NYJ  Rd:11/Pk:10
16   10   Brandon             Jets, New-York             D     NYJ  Rd:11/Pk:10
16   11   Dale                Jones, James               WR    OAK  Rd:10/Pk:14
16   12   Chris               Moore, Lance               WR    PIT  Rd:11/Pk:10
16   13   Luis                Novak, Nick                K     SD   Rd:11/Pk:10
16   14   Bob                 Bills, Buffalo             D     BUF  Rd:11/Pk:03

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