4for4 Staff 12-Team Standard Draft Recap

4for4 Staff 12-Team Standard Draft Recap

By Scott Pagel (4for4 Scout), last updated Aug 14, 2014

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Scott Pagel is Sports Editor for the Bethlehem Press and has covered Philadelphia Eagles training camp since 1997. Scott has played fantasy football since the 90s and has been contributing at 4for4 since 2005.

Follow Scott on Twitter: @4for4_Scott.

Last year our 4for4 Fantasy Football staff mock drafts expanded to include a PPR and a standard league format. That continued this year, but due to a late start because of our site upgrade, we did both league drafts starting at the same time.

While that was a challenge in itself, it also proved to be very interesting, and a few of the scouts and contributors mentioned how the same guys were going in similar draft slots, but the drafts also had their differences.

The standard draft had a bit of a different look from the start. We only had 12 teams for this one and our lineup was to consist of 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 flex (WR, RB, TE), 1 K and 1 defense. We again limited teams to one kicker and one defense and no more than two quarterbacks.

Like the PPR draft, we used MyFantasyLeague.com as the host site, and again, it was a Draftmaster, or best ball, format. The site will calculate our lineups each week and we make no transactions or trades throughout the year. Full draft results here.

Taking part in the standard draft were: site owner Josh Moore (@4for4_Josh), Senior Editor John Paulsen (@4for4_John), Scout Brandon Niles (@2guysbrandon), Scout Andy Rioux (@andyrioux), Support Expert Matt Rittle (@ffrittle), Luis Escalante, Scout Dale Lolley (@dlolleyor), Scout Chris Kucharski (@CKSportsBlitz), Scout Jordan Heck (@jordanHeckFF), Scout Scot Berggren, Contributor T.J. Hernandez (@TJHernandez) Scout Bob Harris (@footballdiehard).

Let’s jump right into the analysis…


Away We Go

Much like the PPR league, running backs were a hot commodity in this draft and four went off the board with the first four picks. In all, seven running backs went in the first 12 picks, just four receivers, and one tight end.

In our PPR draft, six of the 14 teams started their draft with a combo of RB-WR, but that wasn’t the case in the standard draft. Only three of the 12 teams went that direction, with six of the 12 doubling up on either WR or RB. Two teams went RB-QB and one went TE-RB.

It’s not really a surprise the first four picks were Jamaal Charles (Matt), LeSean McCoy (Scot), Adrian Peterson (Jordan) and Matt Forte (John). I picked in the 5th spot and it wasn’t really a slot I coveted, to be honest. Eddie Lacy was there for the taking, but it was hard to pass on Calvin Johnson, even as a guy who always feels the need to target RBs first. In other drafts this year, I got Lacy as late as 1.9 and 1.11, so I think in my mind there was better value in Calvin – realistically, I was just spoiled by having Lacy fall more than he should have.

But, Calvin started a mini-string of WRs going off the board as four of the next five picks were receivers. Luis took Lacy at 1.6 and then Demaryius Thomas went at 1.7 (Brandon), Dez Bryant at 1.8 (T.J.) and A.J. Green at 1.9 (Andy). The last three picks were Montee Ball (1.10 to Josh), Jimmy Graham (1.11 to Dale) and Marshawn Lynch (1.12 to Chris).

As I said above, six teams doubled up on either WR or RB and even that was split with three getting two RBs and three getting two WRs.

I have been playing fantasy football since the 1990s, and this may have well been the first time I ever started a draft going WR-WR. I’ve started drafts RB-RB-RB, but never with two WRs. But after taking Calvin and it came back around to me, Alshon Jeffery was still there. Since we can start up to four WRs, I thought this pick made a lot of sense.  I didn’t want to lock myself into a plan, but instead take what the draft gave me.

But again in the end, like our PPR league, I felt my RBs were a little thin and found myself grabbing some boom or bust guys – like Mike Tolbert and LeGarrette Blount – who I hope can steal some TDs. My top-three RBs are Zac Stacy, Chris Johnson and Pierre Thomas, but with the recent news Thomas is now listed as the Saints RB3, and this being a standard league, I fear that’s already a wasted pick. I do feel pretty good about starting four of the WRs I picked every week: Johnson, Jeffery, T.Y. Hilton, Jarrett Boykin, Riley Cooper and Mike Williams ended up as my group.

Brandon was another guy who went heavy on WRs.

“My strategy picking outside of the top four was to lock up two top level WR's early, grab sliding running backs, and wait on a QB and TE until the rest of my roster was fleshed out,” Brandon said.

He ended up with Damaryius Thomas and Brandon Marshall, then grabbed potential stud Cordarrelle Patterson in the fourth round.

I dubbed Andy the WR Guru of 4for4, and he was the other one who went WR-WR to start his draft. He nabbed Green and then followed up with Julio Jones in the second.

With three guys going WR heavy early on, it paved the way for others to go RB heavy.

“Since it's standard and we can start up to three RBs, I went RB heavy to start, with three RBs in the first five rounds,” John said. He landed a strong combo of Forte, Alfred Morris and Rashad Jennings, who looks like a steal at this point in preseason.

“I'm surprised RBs even fell in a standard draft, which may not apply AS MUCH as in PPR, but it's a good sign that people are going after consistency, which in my opinion is key,” Luis said. “There are VERY few RBs who can provide consistent output.”

Josh also attacked running backs, taking three in the first four picks.

“I was able to start Montee Ball, DeMarco Murray and C.J. Spiller in the first four rounds. Still happy with the QBs I managed to land late, Colin Kaepernick and Ryan Tannehill,” Josh said.


How Much Difference Does it Make?

Those Pearl Jam lyrics, much like my Tom Petty reference in the PPR story, weren’t necessarily about fantasy football, but the song popped into my head when looking for differences between our PPR and standard drafts.

The biggest difference was quarterbacks. They slipped a little more in this draft which kind of goes against the grain. Peyton Manning went at 2.1 and then Aaron Rodgers at 2.11. Drew Brees didn’t go until 3.9. But after that, the next QB came off the board at 6.6 to Brandon. Like Brandon in the PPR draft, I had a homer pick of Nick Foles at 6.8, passing on Matt Stafford who went next to John at 6.9.

We then waited another round until 7.12 until Cam Newton was next to go. We had a bit of a QB run in the 9th round with Robert Griffin III at 9.3, Tom Brady at 9.6, Matt Ryan at 9.8, Russell Wilson at 10.2 and Colin Kaepernick at 10.3

“I’m surprised the number-four QB didn't go off the board until pick 6.06,” John said. “QBs have more value in standard, yet the QBs went earlier in the PPR draft.”

Brandon came away with a perhaps a pretty valuable lesson about QBs as a result.

“I think that my feelings about waiting on a QB were confirmed in this,” Brandon said. “I was pumped to get Andrew Luck in the 6th, but guys like Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson went later, and in a pinch, Philip Rivers and Carson Palmer post round 11 wouldn't be tragic.”

Kaepernick and Wilson went in the 10th as did Jay Cutler at 10.12. Tony Romo went at 11.5, Philip Rivers at 11.9 and Ryan Tannehill at 11.10. Alex Smith was taken at 11.5 and Andy Dalton fell all the way to 12.10. Ben Roethlisberger was picked at 12.12, so there is definitely some quality to be had very late if you’re playing a committee or even just looking for a solid QB2.


PC Drafter

I also kept track of this draft using PC Drafter. Last year, PCD correctly predicted John would win our PPR league. I won last year’s standard league and PCD had me one point out of second, but in the top-three, so again, it was pretty close.

So who does it predict in this year’s standard league? Matt is ahead in starter points by 40 points over Scot. However, Scot, Andy, John and myself are all within 20 points, so much like the PPR league, this is shaping up to be a pretty tight race.

Also, like the PPR league, a lot of team’s choices fell right in line with PC Drafter’s picks – if not the top pick, close to the top. This is something I hope reassures those who like to use the program.


Draft Results



Team Owner: Matt Rittle
Team Name: Matt Rittle

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     Broncos, Denver               DEN     4      120       Rd:11/Pk:0
K     Hauschka, Steven              SEA     4      127       Rd:13/Pk:0
K     Tucker, Justin                BAL     11     116       Rd:13/Pk:0
QB    Cutler, Jay                   CHI     9      274       Rd:09/Pk:1
QB    Roethlisberger, Ben           PIT     12     270       Rd:11/Pk:0
RB    Charles, Jamaal               KC      6      281       Rd:01/Pk:0
RB    Mathews, Ryan                 SD      10     167       Rd:04/Pk:0
RB    Woodhead, Danny               SD      10     127       Rd:08/Pk:0
RB    Ridley, Stevan                NE      10     125       Rd:06/Pk:0
TE    Gronkowski, Rob               NE      10     173       Rd:02/Pk:0
TE    Ertz, Zach                    PHI     7      101       Rd:10/Pk:0
WR    Brown, Antonio                PIT     12     189       Rd:02/Pk:1
WR    Crabtree, Michael             SF      8      142       Rd:04/Pk:1
WR    Tate, Golden                  DET     9      133       Rd:07/Pk:0
WR    Bowe, Dwayne                  KC      6      123       Rd:08/Pk:1
WR    Dobson, Aaron                 NE      10     78        Rd:12/Pk:0
Total Player Points:2546                                     

1. What was your draft strategy?
My strategy involves a lot of flexibility in seeing what's possible in each draft. I have a lot of experience opening the draft. It's not an easy slot this year for me, but I've learned slowly how to navigate it.

2. Did it work?
Absolutely. I never could have planned the draft going as it did, so my flexibility paid off big time.

3. Biggest surprise?
I think the format left people pretty confused, to be honest...the lack of PPR, with the 3 WRs...I was pleasantly surprised to see Brown/Gronk at the 2/3 turn. Mathews at the 4/5 turn was crazy to me, as you'd think he's a guy with MORE value in standard. I was pretty happy with all my picks.

4. In the draft, I regret...
I'm going to sound like a noob here, but I realized too late in the draft it was 16 rounds. I like to take at least 2 kickers and 2 defenses in these draft-only formats, and now am left choosing between a 5th WR and 2nd defense. Given that it's a start 3 WR league, it's a tough spot.

5. What was your favorite value pick?
My Mathews/Crabtree picks at the 4/5 turn were beautiful. 

6. What did you learn/take away from this draft?
Noob lesson, we all forget from time to time: Check the league settings 100% before a draft starts.

Team Owner: Scot Berggren
Team Name: Scot Berggren

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     Seahawks, Seattle             SEA     4      126       Rd:08/Pk:0
K     Gostkowski, Stephen           NE      10     135       Rd:13/Pk:0
QB    Rodgers, Aaron                GB      9      365       Rd:03/Pk:0
QB    Manning, Eli                  NYG     8      228       Rd:13/Pk:0
RB    McCoy, LeSean                 PHI     7      262       Rd:01/Pk:0
RB    Vereen, Shane                 NE      10     151       Rd:04/Pk:0
RB    Sproles, Darren               PHI     7      103       Rd:07/Pk:1
RB    Stewart, Jonathan             CAR     12     75        Rd:13/Pk:0
RB    Carey, KaDeem                 CHI     9      26        Rd:13/Pk:0
TE    Davis, Vernon                 SF      8      109       Rd:06/Pk:0
TE    Cook, Jared                   STL     4      77        Rd:13/Pk:0
WR    Allen, Keenan                 SD      10     160       Rd:03/Pk:0
WR    Harvin, Percy                 SEA     4      141       Rd:04/Pk:1
WR    Watkins, Sammy                BUF     9      127       Rd:06/Pk:1
WR    Wayne, Reggie                 IND     10     124       Rd:08/Pk:0
WR    Shorts, Cecil                 JAX     11     120       Rd:10/Pk:1
Total Player Points:2329                                     

1. What was your draft strategy?
Trying to find the best RB and WR available, but probably jumped the gun on drafting Rodgers at the end of the second round... Doug Martin, Vincent Jackson and others were drafted after.

2. In the draft I regret...
Maybe taking Rodgers a bit early, especially with his injuries last season. Might have been better to take a RB since I was drafting 2nd in a 12 team league. I think you can't be as risky when drafting 
1-3 since you don't pick for a long time after your back-to-backs.

3. What was your favorite value pick
Reggie Wayne in the 8th and Cecil Shorts in the 11th round could end up being strong WRs for me.

Team Owner: Jordan Heck
Team Name: Jordan Heck

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     Texans, Houston               HOU     10     112       Rd:13/Pk:0
K     Bailey, Dan                   DAL     11     127       Rd:13/Pk:0
QB    Griffin-III, Robert           WAS     10     285       Rd:07/Pk:0
QB    Dalton, Andy                  CIN     4      265       Rd:11/Pk:1
RB    Peterson, Adrian              MIN     10     245       Rd:01/Pk:0
RB    Foster, Arian                 HOU     10     192       Rd:02/Pk:0
RB    Hill, Jeremy                  CIN     4      104       Rd:09/Pk:0
RB    McFadden, Darren              OAK     5      89        Rd:10/Pk:0
TE    Thomas, Julius                DEN     4      158       Rd:03/Pk:0
TE    Cameron, Jordan               CLE     4      131       Rd:05/Pk:0
WR    Floyd, Michael                ARI     4      145       Rd:05/Pk:0
WR    Maclin, Jeremy                PHI     7      128       Rd:06/Pk:0
WR    Evans, Mike                   TB      7      118       Rd:09/Pk:0
WR    Hunter, Justin                TEN     9      101       Rd:10/Pk:1
WR    Matthews, Jordan              PHI     7      98        Rd:11/Pk:0
WR    Adams, Davante                GB      9      32        Rd:13/Pk:0
Total Player Points:2330                                     

1. What was your draft strategy?
Same as PPR...take the best player available and wait on a QB.

2. Did it work?
The best player available wasn't always the guy I had in mind, so it didn't work out as well as I had hoped.

3. Biggest surprise?
Nothing too surprising comes to mind.

4. In the draft I regret...
I regret not paying attention to bye weeks. Both of my tight ends have the same bye and I have three receivers on bye Week 7. I also regret selecting so many rookies at the receiver position. I like their potential, but it may not pay off.

5. What was your favorite value pick?
Michael Floyd late in the fourth round. I think he's going to have a great season and I was happy to take him there.
What did you learn/take away from this draft?

Team Owner: John Paulsen
Team Name: John Paulsen

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     Patriots, New-England         NE      10     121       Rd:11/Pk:0
K     Novak, Nick                   SD      10     126       Rd:13/Pk:0
QB    Stafford, Matthew             DET     9      300       Rd:05/Pk:1
QB    Manziel, Johnny               CLE     4      215       Rd:13/Pk:0
RB    Forte, Matt                   CHI     9      246       Rd:01/Pk:0
RB    Morris, Alfred                WAS     10     192       Rd:03/Pk:0
RB    Jennings, Rashad              NYG     8      154       Rd:05/Pk:0
RB    Williams, Andre               NYG     8      84        Rd:13/Pk:0
RB    Michael, Christine            SEA     4      69        Rd:10/Pk:0
TE    Pitta, Dennis                 BAL     11     112       Rd:08/Pk:0
TE    Walker, Delanie               TEN     9      98        Rd:13/Pk:0
WR    Cobb, Randall                 GB      9      179       Rd:03/Pk:0
WR    Johnson, Andre                HOU     10     147       Rd:04/Pk:0
WR    Williams, Terrance            DAL     11     137       Rd:07/Pk:0
WR    Benjamin, Kelvin              CAR     12     122       Rd:11/Pk:0
WR    Stills, Kenny                 NO      6      118       Rd:10/Pk:0
Total Player Points:2420                                     

1. What was your draft strategy?
Since it's standard and we can start up to three RBs, I went RB heavy to start, with three RBs in the first five rounds.

2. Did it work?
Yes, I think so.

3. Biggest surprise?
Surprised the #4 QB didn't go off the board until pick 6.06. QBs have more value in standard, yet the QBs went earlier in the PPR draft.

4. In the draft, I regret...
Nothing. No regrets!

5. What was your favorite value pick?
It will be interesting to see if Christine Michael (14th round) or Johnny Manziel (15th) pay off at some point during the season.

Team Owner: Scott Pagel
Team Name: Scott Pagel

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     Bengals, Cincinnati           CIN     4      122       Rd:10/Pk:1
K     Gould, Robbie                 CHI     9      119       Rd:13/Pk:0
QB    Foles, Nick                   PHI     7      315       Rd:07/Pk:0
QB    Romo, Tony                    DAL     11     279       Rd:09/Pk:0
RB    Stacy, Zac                    STL     4      177       Rd:03/Pk:0
RB    Johnson, Chris                NYJ     11     166       Rd:05/Pk:0
RB    Thomas, Pierre                NO      6      130       Rd:06/Pk:0
RB    Blount, LeGarrette            PIT     12     86        Rd:13/Pk:0
RB    Tolbert, Mike                 CAR     12     60        Rd:13/Pk:0
TE    Rudolph, Kyle                 MIN     10     109       Rd:08/Pk:1
WR    Johnson, Calvin               DET     9      217       Rd:01/Pk:0
WR    Jeffery, Alshon               CHI     9      189       Rd:02/Pk:1
WR    Hilton, T.Y.                  IND     10     144       Rd:05/Pk:0
WR    Boykin, Jarrett               GB      9      117       Rd:11/Pk:1
WR    Cooper, Riley                 PHI     7      114       Rd:09/Pk:0
WR    Williams, Mike                BUF     9      53        Rd:13/Pk:0
Total Player Points:2397                                     

1. What was your draft strategy?
Picking 5th I knew I’d have a decision to make between WR and RB, but with the ability to play up to four WRs, I wanted to lean WR if a stud was there.

2. Did it work?
I went with Calvin over Lacy so we’ll see if it works.

3. Biggest surprise?
I started off the draft going WR-WR. I’d be willing to bet my house I have never done that since I started playing fantasy football in the 1990sÖ

4. In the draft I regret...
I only drafted one TE. That was kind of an oopsy. But the talent there left for my TE2 wasn’t all that great so I thought maybe a sleeper would benefit me more.

5. What was your favorite value pick?
I got Mike Williams at 14.8. All signs point to him being the WR2 in Buffalo now and he’s already got a lot of chemistry with QB E.J. Manuel. That’s a benefit of helping with the news here at the siteÖ

6. What did you learn/take away from this draft?
Doing two drafts at the same time and thinking about what I’m going to write about each of them can get a little confusing and can lead to forgetting about TE2s...

Team Owner: Luis Escalante
Team Name: Luis Escalante

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     Ravens, Baltimore             BAL     11     117       Rd:12/Pk:0
K     Graham, Shayne                NO      6      132       Rd:13/Pk:0
QB    Brady, Tom                    NE      10     292       Rd:07/Pk:1
QB    Flacco, Joe                   BAL     11     228       Rd:13/Pk:0
RB    Lacy, Eddie                   GB      9      224       Rd:01/Pk:0
RB    Martin, Doug                  TB      7      174       Rd:02/Pk:1
RB    Richardson, Trent             IND     10     133       Rd:05/Pk:0
RB    Williams, DeAngelo            CAR     12     118       Rd:10/Pk:0
TE    Olsen, Greg                   CAR     12     118       Rd:08/Pk:0
TE    Miller, Heath                 PIT     12     84        Rd:13/Pk:0
WR    Nelson, Jordy                 GB      9      190       Rd:02/Pk:0
WR    Cruz, Victor                  NYG     8      147       Rd:03/Pk:1
WR    Decker, Eric                  NYJ     11     137       Rd:07/Pk:0
WR    Randle, Rueben                NYG     8      124       Rd:08/Pk:0
WR    Baldwin, Doug                 SEA     4      115       Rd:13/Pk:0
WR    Wheaton, Markus               PIT     12     99        Rd:12/Pk:0
Total Player Points:2432                                     

1. What was your draft strategy?
Similar to PPR - in best ball I try and set a solid foundation of non injury prone then go with boom/bust players to fill out the roster.

2. Did it work?
Yes, I feel it worked better here than in PPR. I felt there was a lot of value to be had.

3. Biggest surprise?
Same as PPR, I'm surprised even RB's fell in a standard draft, which may not apply AS MUCH as in PPR, but it's a good sign that people are going after consistency, which in my opinion is key. There are VERY few RBs can can provide the same weekly outpoint every week, it's another story for WRs

4. In the draft, I regret...
Trent Richardson at 5.04 - he fits my mold of huge boom or bust but I think there's a much higher chance of bust and at the 5.04 that's WAY too much risk.

5. What was your favorite value pick?
3.06 Doug Martin - I'm not sure why everyone's scared of him, but this dude was a monster just a few years ago. I thought Victor Cruz at 4.07 was decent value as well. Should put up WR1 numbers this year under McAdoo.

6. What did you learn/take away from this draft?
Same as PPR - look for value and don't just stick with one draft plan - be open to change.

Team Owner: Brandon Niles
Team Name: Brandon Niles

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     Cardinals, Arizona            ARI     4      117       Rd:12/Pk:0
K     Walsh, Blair                  MIN     10     116       Rd:13/Pk:0
QB    Luck, Andrew                  IND     10     303       Rd:06/Pk:0
QB    Palmer, Carson                ARI     4      240       Rd:13/Pk:0
RB    Sankey, Bishop                TEN     9      163       Rd:04/Pk:1
RB    Rice, Ray                     BAL     11     146       Rd:05/Pk:1
RB    Jones-Drew, Maurice           OAK     5      129       Rd:07/Pk:1
RB    Freeman, Devonta              ATL     9      83        Rd:09/Pk:1
TE    Green, Ladarius               SD      10     91        Rd:11/Pk:0
TE    Ebron, Eric                   DET     9      78        Rd:11/Pk:1
WR    Thomas, Demaryius             DEN     4      217       Rd:01/Pk:0
WR    Marshall, Brandon             CHI     9      195       Rd:02/Pk:0
WR    Patterson, Cordarrelle        MIN     10     145       Rd:04/Pk:0
WR    Cooks, Brandin                NO      6      130       Rd:08/Pk:0
WR    Gordon, Josh                  CLE     4      102       Rd:12/Pk:0
WR    Smith, Steve-L                BAL     11     97        Rd:12/Pk:1
Total Player Points:2352                                     

1. What was your draft strategy?
My strategy picking outside of the top four was to lock up two top level WR's early, grab sliding running backs, and wait on a QB and TE until the rest of my roster was fleshed out.

2. Did it work?
Yes and no.  I love my WR's and I ended up thrilled with Andrew Luck in the 6th round.  However, I'm thin at RB, and I feel like I may have been better off going WR-RB-WR, rather than the other way around from the #7 spot in this league.

3. Biggest surprise?
The early TE's.  I know that Julius Thomas and Gronk are head and shoulders above the rest, but to have three TE's off the board by pick 3.3 is earlier than I anticipated.

4. In the draft, I regret...
Taking Devonta Freeman in the 9th round.  While there's a lot of upside there, I think Carlos Hyde or Mark Ingram would've offered better value.

5. What was your favorite value pick?
Victor Cruz in the fourth round and Davante Adams in the 14th round.  Cruz is probably sliding too far coming off a very down year, but he's made for the new Giants offense, and Adams is a better outside fit than Cobb, and may surprise people with some playing time by mid-season if Boykin continues to be streaky.

6. What did you learn/take away from this draft? (nothing is an ok answer)
I think that my feelings about waiting on a QB were confirmed in this.  I was pumped to get Luck in the 6th, but guys like Kap and Russell Wilson went later, and in a pinch, Rivers and Palmer post round 11 wouldn't be tragic.

Team Owner: Josh Moore
Team Name: Josh Moore

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     Panthers, Carolina            CAR     12     125       Rd:10/Pk:0
K     Bryant, Matt                  ATL     9      121       Rd:13/Pk:0
QB    Kaepernick, Colin             SF      8      289       Rd:09/Pk:0
QB    Tannehill, Ryan               MIA     5      239       Rd:13/Pk:0
RB    Ball, Montee                  DEN     4      213       Rd:01/Pk:1
RB    Murray, DeMarco               DAL     11     194       Rd:01/Pk:1
RB    Spiller, C.J.                 BUF     9      165       Rd:03/Pk:0
RB    Jackson, Fred                 BUF     9      122       Rd:09/Pk:0
RB    Hillman, Ronnie               DEN     4      75        Rd:13/Pk:0
TE    Gates, Antonio                SD      10     80        Rd:13/Pk:0
TE    Lewis, Marcedes               JAX     11     78        Rd:13/Pk:0
WR    Jackson, Vincent              TB      7      158       Rd:04/Pk:0
WR    Colston, Marques              NO      6      143       Rd:07/Pk:0
WR    Wallace, Mike                 MIA     5      139       Rd:06/Pk:0
WR    Sanders, Emmanuel             DEN     4      134       Rd:06/Pk:0
WR    Jones, Marvin                 CIN     4      129       Rd:10/Pk:0
Total Player Points:2404                                     

1. What was your draft strategy?
Go RB heavy and wait on QB/TE.

2. Did it work?
I was able to start Montee Ball, DeMarco Murray & CJ Spiller in the first four rounds. Still happy with the QBs I managed to land late (Kaepernick & Tannehill). 

3. Biggest surprise?
Marvin Jones has a broken foot. 

4. In the draft, I regret...
Drafting a guy who went on to break his foot.

5. What was your favorite value pick?
Marvin Jones until he broke his foot.

6. What did you learn/take away from this draft? (nothing is an ok answer)
I'm too upset about Marvin Jones injury to think clearly at this point.

Team Owner: T.J. Hernandez
Team Name: T.J. Hernandez

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     Browns, Cleveland             CLE     4      119       Rd:11/Pk:1
K     Crosby, Mason                 GB      9      135       Rd:13/Pk:0
QB    Ryan, Matt                    ATL     9      288       Rd:08/Pk:0
QB    Smith, Alex                   KC      6      265       Rd:13/Pk:0
RB    Bernard, Giovani              CIN     4      194       Rd:02/Pk:0
RB    Ellington, Andre              ARI     4      172       Rd:03/Pk:0
RB    Tate, Ben                     CLE     4      136       Rd:06/Pk:0
RB    Jackson, Steven               ATL     9      128       Rd:07/Pk:0
RB    Bradshaw, Ahmad               IND     10     88        Rd:12/Pk:1
TE    Clay, Charles                 MIA     5      102       Rd:12/Pk:0
TE    Allen, Dwayne                 IND     10     82        Rd:13/Pk:0
WR    Bryant, Dez                   DAL     11     206       Rd:01/Pk:0
WR    Garcon, Pierre                WAS     10     148       Rd:03/Pk:1
WR    Wright, Kendall               TEN     9      141       Rd:06/Pk:1
WR    Hopkins, DeAndre              HOU     10     122       Rd:09/Pk:0
WR    Streater, Rod                 OAK     5      99        Rd:13/Pk:0
Total Player Points:2425                                     

Team Owner: Andy Rioux
Team Name: Andy Rioux

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     Rams, St.-Louis               STL     4      122       Rd:10/Pk:0
K     Prater, Matt                  DEN     4      142       Rd:13/Pk:0
QB    Brees, Drew                   NO      6      346       Rd:03/Pk:0
QB    Rivers, Philip                SD      10     269       Rd:11/Pk:0
RB    Bell, Joique                  DET     9      159       Rd:05/Pk:0
RB    Gore, Frank                   SF      8      154       Rd:05/Pk:0
RB    West, Terrance                CLE     4      87        Rd:08/Pk:0
RB    Hyde, Carlos                  SF      8      78        Rd:09/Pk:1
RB    Ivory, Chris                  NYJ     11     75        Rd:13/Pk:0
TE    Reed, Jordan                  WAS     10     112       Rd:07/Pk:0
TE    Kelce, Travis                 KC      6      61        Rd:13/Pk:0
WR    Green, A.J.                   CIN     4      195       Rd:01/Pk:1
WR    Jones, Julio                  ATL     9      194       Rd:02/Pk:0
WR    Welker, Wes                   DEN     4      140       Rd:04/Pk:0
WR    Jennings, Greg                MIN     10     119       Rd:12/Pk:0
WR    Lee, Marqise                  JAX     11     85        Rd:13/Pk:0
Total Player Points:2338                                     

Team Owner: Dale Lolley
Team Name: Dale Lolley

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     49ers, San-Francisco          SF      8      125       Rd:09/Pk:0
D     Chiefs, Kansas-City           KC      6      116       Rd:12/Pk:0
K     Vinatieri, Adam               IND     10     119       Rd:13/Pk:0
QB    Newton, Cam                   CAR     12     293       Rd:08/Pk:0
QB    Wilson, Russell               SEA     4      292       Rd:11/Pk:0
RB    Bell, LeVeon                  PIT     12     178       Rd:02/Pk:0
RB    Bush, Reggie                  DET     9      148       Rd:03/Pk:1
RB    Robinson, Khiry               NO      6      85        Rd:10/Pk:0
RB    Ingram, Mark                  NO      6      74        Rd:13/Pk:0
TE    Graham, Jimmy                 NO      6      198       Rd:01/Pk:0
TE    Eifert, Tyler                 CIN     4      74        Rd:13/Pk:0
WR    Fitzgerald, Larry             ARI     4      148       Rd:04/Pk:0
WR    Jackson, DeSean               WAS     10     142       Rd:05/Pk:0
WR    Smith, Torrey                 BAL     11     136       Rd:05/Pk:1
WR    Austin, Tavon                 STL     4      113       Rd:09/Pk:0
WR    Nicks, Hakeem                 IND     10     82        Rd:10/Pk:0
Total Player Points:2323                                     

Team Owner: Chris Kucharsky
Team Name: Chris Kucharsky

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     Saints, New-Orleans           NO      6      113       Rd:13/Pk:0
K     Dawson, Phil                  SF      8      124       Rd:13/Pk:0
QB    Manning, Peyton               DEN     4      371       Rd:02/Pk:0
QB    Locker, Jake                  TEN     9      220       Rd:13/Pk:0
RB    Lynch, Marshawn               SEA     4      205       Rd:02/Pk:0
RB    Gerhart, Toby                 JAX     11     162       Rd:04/Pk:0
RB    Miller, Lamar                 MIA     5      142       Rd:06/Pk:1
RB    Pierce, Bernard               BAL     11     73        Rd:09/Pk:0
RB    Moreno, Knowshon              MIA     5      67        Rd:10/Pk:0
TE    Witten, Jason                 DAL     11     120       Rd:07/Pk:0
TE    Bennett, Martellus            CHI     9      103       Rd:11/Pk:0
WR    White, Roddy                  ATL     9      148       Rd:04/Pk:0
WR    Edelman, Julian               NE      10     130       Rd:06/Pk:0
WR    Boldin, Anquan                SF      8      120       Rd:10/Pk:1
WR    Hartline, Brian               MIA     5      114       Rd:13/Pk:0
WR    Moore, Denarius               OAK     5      55        Rd:13/Pk:0
Total Player Points:2267                                     

Rnd  Pck  League Team         Player Name              Pos    Team     ADP
1    1    Matt                Charles, Jamaal            RB    KC   Rd:01/Pk:02
1    2    Scot B.             McCoy, LeSean              RB    PHI  Rd:01/Pk:01
1    3    Jordan              Peterson, Adrian           RB    MIN  Rd:01/Pk:03
1    4    John                Forte, Matt                RB    CHI  Rd:01/Pk:04
1    5    Scott P.            Johnson, Calvin            WR    DET  Rd:01/Pk:05
1    6    Luis                Lacy, Eddie                RB    GB   Rd:01/Pk:06
1    7    Brandon             Thomas, Demaryius          WR    DEN  Rd:01/Pk:07
1    8    T.J.                Bryant, Dez                WR    DAL  Rd:01/Pk:09
1    9    Andy                Green, A.J.                WR    CIN  Rd:01/Pk:10
1    10   Josh                Ball, Montee               RB    DEN  Rd:01/Pk:12
1    11   Dale                Graham, Jimmy              TE    NO   Rd:01/Pk:08
1    12   Chris               Lynch, Marshawn            RB    SEA  Rd:02/Pk:03
2    1    Chris               Manning, Peyton            QB    DEN  Rd:02/Pk:05
2    2    Dale                Bell, LeVeon               RB    PIT  Rd:02/Pk:04
2    3    Josh                Murray, DeMarco            RB    DAL  Rd:01/Pk:11
2    4    Andy                Jones, Julio               WR    ATL  Rd:02/Pk:01
2    5    T.J.                Bernard, Giovani           RB    CIN  Rd:02/Pk:07
2    6    Brandon Marshall, Brandon          WR    CHI  Rd:02/Pk:02
2    7    Luis                Nelson, Jordy              WR    GB   Rd:02/Pk:08
2    8    Scott P.            Jeffery, Alshon            WR    CHI  Rd:02/Pk:11
2    9    John                Morris, Alfred             RB    WAS  Rd:03/Pk:03
2    10   Jordan              Foster, Arian              RB    HOU  Rd:02/Pk:06
2    11   Scot B.             Rodgers, Aaron             QB    GB   Rd:03/Pk:01
2    12   Matt                Brown, Antonio             WR    PIT  Rd:02/Pk:10
3    1    Matt                Gronkowski, Rob            TE    NE   Rd:02/Pk:09
3    2    Scot B.             Allen, Keenan              WR    SD   Rd:03/Pk:08
3    3    Jordan              Thomas, Julius             TE    DEN  Rd:03/Pk:07
3    4    John                Cobb, Randall              WR    GB   Rd:03/Pk:02
3    5    Scott P.            Stacy, Zac                 RB    STL  Rd:03/Pk:05
3    6    Luis                Martin, Doug               RB    TB   Rd:02/Pk:12
3    7    Brandon             Sankey, Bishop             RB    TEN  Rd:04/Pk:10
3    8    T.J.                Ellington, Andre           RB    ARI  Rd:03/Pk:04
3    9    Andy                Brees, Drew                QB    NO   Rd:03/Pk:06
3    10   Josh                Jackson, Vincent           WR    TB   Rd:04/Pk:01
3    11   Dale                Fitzgerald, Larry          WR    ARI  Rd:04/Pk:04
3    12   Chris               Gerhart, Toby              RB    JAX  Rd:04/Pk:02
4    1    Chris               White, Roddy               WR    ATL  Rd:04/Pk:07
4    2    Dale                Bush, Reggie               RB    DET  Rd:03/Pk:10
4    3    Josh                Spiller, C.J.              RB    BUF  Rd:03/Pk:09
4    4    Andy                Bell, Joique               RB    DET  Rd:05/Pk:08
4    5    T.J.                Garcon, Pierre             WR    WAS  Rd:03/Pk:11
4    6    Brandon             Patterson, Cordarrelle     WR    MIN  Rd:04/Pk:06
4    7    Luis                Cruz, Victor               WR    NYG  Rd:03/Pk:12
4    8    Scott P.            Johnson, Chris             RB    NYJ  Rd:05/Pk:07
4    9    John                Johnson, Andre             WR    HOU  Rd:04/Pk:03
4    10   Jordan              Floyd, Michael             WR    ARI  Rd:05/Pk:01
4    11   Scot B.             Harvin, Percy              WR    SEA  Rd:04/Pk:12
4    12   Matt                Mathews, Ryan              RB    SD   Rd:04/Pk:05
5    1    Matt                Crabtree, Michael          WR    SF   Rd:04/Pk:11
5    2    Scot B.             Vereen, Shane              RB    NE   Rd:04/Pk:08
5    3    Jordan              Cameron, Jordan            TE    CLE  Rd:05/Pk:06
5    4    John                Jennings, Rashad           RB    NYG  Rd:05/Pk:03
5    5    Scott P.            Hilton, T.Y.               WR    IND  Rd:05/Pk:09
5    6    Luis                Richardson, Trent          RB    IND  Rd:05/Pk:04
5    7    Brandon             Rice, Ray                  RB    BAL  Rd:05/Pk:12
5    8    T.J.                Tate, Ben                  RB    CLE  Rd:06/Pk:02
5    9    Andy                Gore, Frank                RB    SF   Rd:05/Pk:05
5    10   Josh                Wallace, Mike              WR    MIA  Rd:06/Pk:07
5    11   Dale                Jackson, DeSean            WR    WAS  Rd:05/Pk:02
5    12   Chris               Miller, Lamar              RB    MIA  Rd:06/Pk:10
6    1    Chris               Edelman, Julian            WR    NE   Rd:06/Pk:05
6    2    Dale                Smith, Torrey              WR    BAL  Rd:05/Pk:11
6    3    Josh                Colston, Marques           WR    NO   Rd:07/Pk:01
6    4    Andy                Welker, Wes                WR    DEN  Rd:04/Pk:09
6    5    T.J.                Wright, Kendall            WR    TEN  Rd:06/Pk:12
6    6    Brandon             Luck, Andrew               QB    IND  Rd:06/Pk:01
6    7    Luis                Decker, Eric               WR    NYJ  Rd:07/Pk:08
6    8    Scott P.            Foles, Nick                QB    PHI  Rd:07/Pk:02
6    9    John                Stafford, Matthew          QB    DET  Rd:05/Pk:10
6    10   Jordan              Evans, Mike                WR    TB   Rd:09/Pk:08
6    11   Scot B.             Davis, Vernon              TE    SF   Rd:06/Pk:04
6    12   Matt                Tate, Golden               WR    DET  Rd:07/Pk:09
7    1    Matt                Ridley, Stevan             RB    NE   Rd:06/Pk:09
7    2    Scot B.             Watkins, Sammy             WR    BUF  Rd:06/Pk:11
7    3    Jordan              Maclin, Jeremy             WR    PHI  Rd:06/Pk:03
7    4    John                Williams, Terrance         WR    DAL  Rd:07/Pk:06
7    5    Scott P.            Thomas, Pierre             RB    NO   Rd:06/Pk:08
7    6    Luis                Olsen, Greg                TE    CAR  Rd:08/Pk:02
7    7    Brandon             Jones-Drew, Maurice        RB    OAK  Rd:07/Pk:12
7    8    T.J.                Jackson, Steven            RB    ATL  Rd:07/Pk:04
7    9    Andy                Reed, Jordan               TE    WAS  Rd:07/Pk:07
7    10   Josh                Sanders, Emmanuel          WR    DEN  Rd:06/Pk:06
7    11   Dale                Newton, Cam                QB    CAR  Rd:08/Pk:03
7    12   Chris               Witten, Jason              TE    DAL  Rd:07/Pk:03
8    1    Chris               Pierce, Bernard            RB    BAL  Rd:09/Pk:01
8    2    Dale                Austin, Tavon              WR    STL  Rd:09/Pk:07
8    3    Josh                Jones, Marvin              WR    CIN  Rd:10/Pk:09
8    4    Andy                West, Terrance             RB    CLE  Rd:08/Pk:07
8    5    T.J.                Hopkins, DeAndre           WR    HOU  Rd:09/Pk:02
8    6    Brandon             Cooks, Brandin             WR    NO   Rd:08/Pk:05
8    7    Luis                Randle, Rueben             WR    NYG  Rd:08/Pk:09
8    8    Scott P.            Rudolph, Kyle              TE    MIN  Rd:08/Pk:10
8    9    John                Pitta, Dennis              TE    BAL  Rd:08/Pk:08
8    10   Jordan              Hill, Jeremy               RB    CIN  Rd:09/Pk:05
8    11   Scot B.             Wayne, Reggie              WR    IND  Rd:08/Pk:01
8    12   Matt                Bowe, Dwayne               WR    KC   Rd:08/Pk:12
9    1    Matt                Ertz, Zach                 TE    PHI  Rd:10/Pk:05
9    2    Scot B.             Seahawks, Seattle          D     SEA  Rd:08/Pk:06
9    3    Jordan              Griffin-III, Robert        QB    WAS  Rd:07/Pk:05
9    4    John                Benjamin, Kelvin           WR    CAR  Rd:11/Pk:01
9    5    Scott P.            Cooper, Riley              WR    PHI  Rd:09/Pk:09
9    6    Luis                Brady, Tom                 QB    NE   Rd:07/Pk:10
9    7    Brandon             Freeman, Devonta           RB    ATL  Rd:09/Pk:10
9    8    T.J.                Ryan, Matt                 QB    ATL  Rd:08/Pk:06
9    9    Andy                Hyde, Carlos               RB    SF   Rd:09/Pk:11
9    10   Josh                Jackson, Fred              RB    BUF  Rd:09/Pk:04
9    11   Dale                Ingram, Mark               RB    NO   Rd:13/Pk:04
9    12   Chris               Boldin, Anquan             WR    SF   Rd:10/Pk:11
10   1    Chris               Moreno, Knowshon           RB    MIA  Rd:10/Pk:04
10   2    Dale                Wilson, Russell            QB    SEA  Rd:11/Pk:03
10   3    Josh                Kaepernick, Colin          QB    SF   Rd:09/Pk:03
10   4    Andy                Jennings, Greg             WR    MIN  Rd:12/Pk:03
10   5    T.J.                Clay, Charles              TE    MIA  Rd:12/Pk:02
10   6    Brandon             Gordon, Josh               WR    CLE  Rd:12/Pk:06
10   7    Luis                Williams, DeAngelo         RB    CAR  Rd:10/Pk:06
10   8    Scott P.            Boykin, Jarrett            WR    GB   Rd:11/Pk:10
10   9    John                Williams, Andre            RB    NYG  Rd:13/Pk:06
10   10   Jordan              Hunter, Justin             WR    TEN  Rd:10/Pk:12
10   11   Scot B.             Sproles, Darren            RB    PHI  Rd:07/Pk:11
10   12   Matt                Cutler, Jay                QB    CHI  Rd:09/Pk:12
11   1    Matt                Woodhead, Danny            RB    SD   Rd:08/Pk:04
11   2    Scot B.             Shorts, Cecil              WR    JAX  Rd:10/Pk:10
11   3    Jordan              McFadden, Darren           RB    OAK  Rd:10/Pk:02
11   4    John                Stills, Kenny              WR    NO   Rd:10/Pk:07
11   5    Scott P.            Romo, Tony                 QB    DAL  Rd:09/Pk:06
11   6    Luis                Baldwin, Doug              WR    SEA  Rd:13/Pk:06
11   7    Brandon             Green, Ladarius            TE    SD   Rd:11/Pk:05
11   8    T.J.                Bradshaw, Ahmad            RB    IND  Rd:12/Pk:10
11   9    Andy                Rivers, Philip             QB    SD   Rd:11/Pk:02
11   10   Josh                Tannehill, Ryan            QB    MIA  Rd:13/Pk:06
11   11   Dale                49ers, San-Francisco       D     SF   Rd:09/Pk:04
11   12   Chris               Hartline, Brian            WR    MIA  Rd:13/Pk:06
12   1    Chris               Bennett, Martellus         TE    CHI  Rd:11/Pk:08
12   2    Dale                Robinson, Khiry            RB    NO   Rd:10/Pk:08
12   3    Josh                Panthers, Carolina         D     CAR  Rd:10/Pk:02
12   4    Andy                Ivory, Chris               RB    NYJ  Rd:13/Pk:02
12   5    T.J.                Smith, Alex                QB    KC   Rd:13/Pk:06
12   6    Brandon             Smith, Steve-L             WR    BAL  Rd:12/Pk:12
12   7    Luis                Wheaton, Markus            WR    PIT  Rd:12/Pk:04
12   8    Scott P.            Blount, LeGarrette         RB    PIT  Rd:13/Pk:06
12   9    John                Walker, Delanie            TE    TEN  Rd:13/Pk:05
12   10   Jordan              Dalton, Andy               QB    CIN  Rd:11/Pk:12
12   11   Scot B.             Stewart, Jonathan          RB    CAR  Rd:13/Pk:06
12   12   Matt                Roethlisberger, Ben        QB    PIT  Rd:11/Pk:09
13   1    Matt                Broncos, Denver            D     DEN  Rd:11/Pk:07
13   2    Scot B.             Manning, Eli               QB    NYG  Rd:13/Pk:06
13   3    Jordan              Matthews, Jordan           WR    PHI  Rd:11/Pk:07
13   4    John                Patriots, New-England      D     NE   Rd:11/Pk:03
13   5    Scott P.            Bengals, Cincinnati        D     CIN  Rd:10/Pk:11
13   6    Luis                Miller, Heath              TE    PIT  Rd:13/Pk:06
13   7    Brandon             Ebron, Eric                TE    DET  Rd:11/Pk:11
13   8    T.J.                Allen, Dwayne              TE    IND  Rd:13/Pk:01
13   9    Andy                Rams, St.-Louis            D     STL  Rd:10/Pk:07
13   10   Josh                Hillman, Ronnie            RB    DEN  Rd:13/Pk:06
13   11   Dale                Chiefs, Kansas-City        D     KC   Rd:12/Pk:06
13   12   Chris               Saints, New-Orleans        D     NO   Rd:13/Pk:01
14   1    Chris               Moore, Denarius            WR    OAK  Rd:13/Pk:06
14   2    Dale                Nicks, Hakeem              WR    IND  Rd:10/Pk:03
14   3    Josh                Gates, Antonio             TE    SD   Rd:13/Pk:06
14   4    Andy                Prater, Matt               K     DEN  Rd:13/Pk:06
14   5    T.J.                Streater, Rod              WR    OAK  Rd:13/Pk:06
14   6    Brandon             Palmer, Carson             QB    ARI  Rd:13/Pk:06
14   7    Luis                Ravens, Baltimore          D     BAL  Rd:12/Pk:03
14   8    Scott P.            Williams, Mike             WR    BUF  Rd:13/Pk:06
14   9    John                Michael, Christine         RB    SEA  Rd:10/Pk:01
14   10   Jordan              Adams, Davante             WR    GB   Rd:13/Pk:06
14   11   Scot B.             Gostkowski, Stephen        K     NE   Rd:13/Pk:06
14   12   Matt                Hauschka, Steven           K     SEA  Rd:13/Pk:06
15   1    Matt                Tucker, Justin             K     BAL  Rd:13/Pk:06
15   2    Scot B.             Cook, Jared                TE    STL  Rd:13/Pk:06
15   3    Jordan              Bailey, Dan                K     DAL  Rd:13/Pk:06
15   4    John                Manziel, Johnny            QB    CLE  Rd:13/Pk:06
15   5    Scott P.            Tolbert, Mike              RB    CAR  Rd:13/Pk:06
15   6    Luis                Flacco, Joe                QB    BAL  Rd:13/Pk:06
15   7    Brandon             Walsh, Blair               K     MIN  Rd:13/Pk:06
15   8    T.J.                Browns, Cleveland          D     CLE  Rd:11/Pk:12
15   9    Andy                Kelce, Travis              TE    KC   Rd:13/Pk:06
15   10   Josh                Lewis, Marcedes            TE    JAX  Rd:13/Pk:06
15   11   Dale                Eifert, Tyler              TE    CIN  Rd:13/Pk:06
15   12   Chris               Locker, Jake               QB    TEN  Rd:13/Pk:06
16   1    Chris               Dawson, Phil               K     SF   Rd:13/Pk:06
16   2    Dale                Vinatieri, Adam            K     IND  Rd:13/Pk:06
16   3    Josh                Bryant, Matt               K     ATL  Rd:13/Pk:06
16   4    Andy                Lee, Marqise               WR    JAX  Rd:13/Pk:06
16   5    T.J.                Crosby, Mason              K     GB   Rd:13/Pk:06
16   6    Brandon             Cardinals, Arizona         D     ARI  Rd:12/Pk:08
16   7    Luis                Graham, Shayne             K     NO   Rd:13/Pk:06
16   8    Scott P.            Gould, Robbie              K     CHI  Rd:13/Pk:06
16   9    John                Novak, Nick                K     SD   Rd:13/Pk:06
16   10   Jordan              Texans, Houston            D     HOU  Rd:13/Pk:06
16   11   Scot B.             Carey, KaDeem              RB    CHI  Rd:13/Pk:06
16   12   Matt                Dobson, Aaron              WR    NE   Rd:12/Pk:07
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