Waiver Wire Watch: Week 11

Waiver Wire Watch: Week 11

Pat Fitzmaurice is on a well-earned vacation, so I’ll be covering waivers this week. I'll do my best in spot start duty while he's on his bye in Week 11.

To be eligible for discussion, the player must be owned in 50% or fewer ESPN leagues, though we’ll stretch the rules a bit for the RB position, which is usually very thin. We’ll also include suggested bid prices (with a $100 budget) for those leagues that use Free Agent Acquisition Budgets. Of course, player value depends on league characteristics and team needs. Players are listed by position in order of importance. For extremely shallow or extremely deep leagues, be sure to review our Rest-of-Season Rankings (updated every Tuesday) to get an idea of how to value players not on this list.

*Players with an asterisk next to their name were mentioned in last week’s Waiver Wire Watch


Eagles QB Nick Foles* ($10)
Have you heard this Nick Foles kid is playing pretty well? After his record-tying 7-TD effort against the Raiders in Week 10, Foles visited Green Bay and tossed three more touchdowns to go along with 228 yards passing. Aside from a Week 7 clunker at home against the Cowboys, Foles has played well. (Don’t forget his 296-yard, 4-TD outing against the Buccaneers in Week 6 or his 197-yard, 2-TD half against the Giantts in Week 5.) Foles should be a good start against the Redskins in Week 11, though we’re a little worried that the game is at home. Going back to last season, it seems that Foles plays better on the road.

Next up: Redskins, BYE, Cardinals


Texans QB Case Keenum* ($8)
Keenum has averaged 274 yards and 2.3 TDs (without a pick) in three not-so-great matchups, and now he heads home for a pair of good matchups against the Raiders and Jaguars. With the Patriots in Week 13, owners waiting on Aaron Rodgers should bid aggressively. Keenum is Andre Johnson-approved.

Next up: Raiders, Jaguars, Patriots


Cardinals QB Carson Palmer* ($3)
We wouldn’t go so far as to say that Palmer is playing well, but he has thrown two TDs in three of his last four games and has an excellent upcoming schedule. Owners who are in a pinch at QB could do a lot worse than Palmer for the next month.

Next up: Jaguars, Colts, Eagles

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