Perfect Draft Series: Drafting 9th in a 16 Team PPR League

Perfect Draft Series: Drafting 9th in a 16 Team PPR League

By Scott Pagel (4for4 Scout), last update Aug 19, 2013

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Scott Pagel is Sports Editor for the Bethlehem Press and has covered Philadelphia Eagles training camp since 1997. Scott has played fantasy football since the 90s and has been contributing at 4for4 since 2005.

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After doing 10, 12 and 14 team Perfect Drafts Series articles using PC Drafter, we thought we’d keep going right up the ladder and take a shot with a 16 team league draft.

I plopped myself just about smack in the middle for this piece, picking 9th of 16 in a PPR league based on a Performance 2 point system. My starting lineup will be 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 flex (TE, RB, WR), 1 K and 1 defense and special teams. For the flex, I set the RBs at 2.33, the TEs at 1.33 and the WRs at 2.33. I again made it so that each team wouldn’t draft more than one kicker or defense, but did allow teams to draft up to three TEs if they wanted to, since they can be used in the flex position. And, it also allowed a little more talent to be drafted. QBs were also limited to just 2 per team.

Let’s jump right to it…


Round 1, Pick 9

Once again, the RBs flew off the board. Only Calvin Johnson at pick 1.6 broke up the string. It ended up that 10 of the first 11 picks were RBs in this mock, which as we’ve seen is very realistic. Picking at 9, I was also part of that RB string. My top choices were Matt Forte, Trent Richardson, LeSean McCoy, Alfred Morris and Chris Johnson. For me, it came down to Forte and McCoy. McCoy was very impressive in preseason game 2 for the Eagles on Aug. 15, and his ability to cut on a dime in an offense with a ton of misdirection running has me thinking he could easily finish higher than his ADP this season. But, my pick was Forte, which was also PCD’s selection. He’s projected for slightly more points and we’ve all heard by now how he should be used much more in the passing game this year.

The Pick – Matt Forte, RB

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