FanDuel Week 13 Contest: Looking for Value

We're continuing our weekly $500 contests at FanDuel -- think you can beat our very own Josh Moore? If so, you'll win a cool $5, maybe more if you score big. All you have to do is assemble your team in FanDuel's weekly salary cap format. Enter now. (Note: There's a $2 entry fee this week, but Josh will be playing with his hands tied. Details here.)

We debuted a new tool this season for subscribers that identifies the best FanDuel values in any given week. The lower the $/Point, the better the value. Here are the first few rows of the table so you have an idea of what it's all about.

FanDuel 13

Let's take a look at the top 5 values at each position for Week 13:
1. Dan Orlovsky ($358)
2. Caleb Hanie ($364)
3. Aaron Rodgers ($404)
4. Matt Hasselbeck ($410)
5. Eli Manning ($423)
There are a couple high-risk plays at the top in Orlovsky and Hanie. Orlovsky has a great matchup (NE) but there's no guarantee he produces even in the best matchup. Rodgers and Manning both look like good values in what should be a shootout in New York.
3. DeMarco Murray ($438)
4. Toby Gerhart ($444)
5. Reggie Bush ($444)
Blount is a tremendous value in a great matchup with the Panthers so he will be in a lot of lineups this weekend. There are good values all over the board in the form of Gerhart ($5000), Green-Ellis ($6500), Bush ($7000) and Murray ($7900).
1. Victor Cruz ($489)
3. Antonio Brown ($495)
4. Wes Welker ($506)
5. Calvin Johnson ($527)
Cruz, Robinson and Brown are terrific values in the $6400 to $7000 range, while Welker and Calvin Johnson are good values at $8500 each. Another $7000 guy to consider is Jordy Nelson ($532), though he is a risky play due to his inconsistent targets.
1. Jimmy Graham ($455)
2. Rob Gronkowski ($476)
3. Kellen Winslow ($581)
4. Jason Witten ($632)
5. Scott Chandler ($635)
It looks like everyone should budget for Graham or Gronkowski this week, though Winslow is a decent value at the $5600 level.
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