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Tuesday, July 26, 2016, 7:00pm

NFL.com - [Full Article]

Andre Johnson is back in the news for the first time since his release by the Indianapolis Colts in February.

The 35-year-old wide receiver visited the Tennessee Titans on Tuesday, NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported, via a source informed of Johnson's whereabouts.

No signing is imminent, per Rapoport, as the two sides are simply feeling each other out at this point.

Cowboys Beat: Ezekiel Elliott has to get a lot of work

Tuesday, July 26, 2016, 1:23pm

ESPN - [Full Article]

The Cowboys want to get back to the formula that worked so well in 2014 when DeMarco Murray led the NFL in rushing with 1,845 yards.

They drafted Ezekiel Elliott fourth overall to be the lead back but have two other backs who can handle big workloads. In order to maximize -- or justify -- the selection of a running back that high, Elliott has to get a lot of work.

Can they keep McFadden and Morris happy? In his two years as offensive coordinator, Scott Linehan has relied mostly on one back to carry the load. First it was Murray, and last year, after Joseph Randle fell apart, it was McFadden.

Fantasy Impact:

The story quoted Linehan as saying he already trusts Elliott to be on the field in any situation and he thinks he's a full-package back, which means Morris and McFadden are insurance and/or role players. McFadden will not be ready for camp and Lance Dunbar is likely headed for the PUP list despite recovering quicker than expected from a torn ACL, but is more of a third down back. These are all reasons Elliott is one of the top backs to draft this year.

Titans Beat: Dorial Green-Beckham needs to report to camp 'in better shape'

Thursday, July 21, 2016, 2:16pm

Titans Online - [Full Article]

The Titans drafted Dorial Green-Beckham to be a game-changer, and he had his moments in 2015. Green-Beckham finished the year with more catches (32), yards (549) and touchdowns (4) than six of the seven receivers selected in front of him, with the lone exception being Oakland’s Amari Cooper, the fourth overall pick of the draft. The Titans now need DGB to step up and be more consistent in his second NFL season. Green-Beckham dropped some weight from last season, but he’s one of the receivers who needs to return to Nashville in better shape. At the end of June’s minicamp, Green-Beckham vowed to be ready.

Fantasy Impact:

DGB had a solid fantasy points per target (1.18) and is slated for a larger target share in his sophomore season. He averaged 5.9 T/G over his final nine games and played at a 44-791-3.5 pace in that span. In offseason activities, Green-Beckham has been passed on the depth chart by rookie Tajae Sharpe, so it's no sure thing that he's starting Week 1. Risk-adverse owners may want to proceed with caution, though this may simply be a motivational tool to ensure that DGB reports to camp with a sense of urgency.

Titans Beat: 'Expectation' is that RB DeMarco Murray will serve as 'workhorse'

Tuesday, July 19, 2016, 11:28am

Titans Online - [Full Article]

Coming off a stellar 2014 season, DeMarco Murray’s numbers weren’t nearly as impressive last season with the Eagles, where he had few opportunities in an offense that wasn’t designed to take advantage of his strengths. The Titans plan to put Murray to work, and they’ve love how he’s handled himself over the last few months. Murray has looked good on the field, and he’s also spoken up and provided leadership. The expectation is he’ll return to form in 2016, and be the team’s workhorse in the backfield.

Related players: Derrick Henry

Fantasy Impact:

It’s fair to wonder if Murray’s best years are behind him after his disappointing season in Philadelphia (193 carries for 702 yards and six touchdowns). His 3.6 YPC was a full 1.1 YPC less than his 2014 average in his epic season with the Cowboys. Now he joins a Tennessee team that may have trouble staying in a run-heavy game script, and he’ll have to fend off 2nd-round pick Derrick Henry.

Cowboys appear ready to go with ground and pound formula

Monday, July 11, 2016, 1:27pm

Fox Sports - [Full Article]

Fortunately, the Cowboys added their best "defender" on offense: Ezekiel Elliott.

That may sound like a confusing statement, but it's not. Elliott is going to help Dallas' defense greatly with his ability to keep it off the field. Much like DeMarco Murray did in 2014, Elliott is going to carry the load, take pressure off of quarterback Tony Romo, and allow the defense to get plenty of rest throughout games.

"He's definitely a three-tool player that can just play on every single down," safety Barry Church said on Sirius XM NFL Radio. "And it helps out the defense a lot. It takes up our play downs by a lot. That also happened in 2014 when we had DeMarco Murray. He was punishing defenses and we were three-and-out here, three-and-out there, and we were fresh in the fourth quarter. That's how we won all of our games, by getting takeaways in the fourth quarter, but that was because we were fresh."

Fantasy Impact:

Church added in the piece the Cowboys could return to their 2014 form of grounding and pounding, and with an aging Romo at QB, the strategy makes sense. Couple that with a very good O-line, and it's easy to see why Elliot ranks fourth on our RB list coming into this season. With Darren McFadden's injury, he's on pace to get RB1 touches.

Joseph Randle deemed capable to stand trial

Saturday, July 9, 2016, 1:36pm

Pro Football Talk - [Full Article]

A year ago, Joseph Randle was preparing for his first year as the starting tailback of the Dallas Cowboys, taking over the job from DeMarco Murray. Now, Randle is moving closer and closer to an extended stay in prison.

Via TMZ, a Kansas judge has found Randle to be mentally competent to stand trial on felony charges arising from a beer-pong game gone bad.

Randle allegedly reacted to whatever happened during the game by attacking guests at a party in Kansas and then hitting multiple people with his car.

Fantasy Impact:

Randle remains in custody, and a competency exam resulted in a finding that Randle is mentally capable to participate in a trial.

Titans call RB DeMarco Murray 'a coach's dream'

Friday, July 8, 2016, 7:04pm

Titans.com - [Full Article]

Titans running backs coach Sylvester Croom is sold on veteran running back DeMarco Murray.

He loves his work ethic, his leadership skills, and his ability. He’s been blown away by what he’s seen this offseason.

“He’s a coach’s dream,’’ Croom said of Murray.

While Murray is expected to get the bulk of the workload for the Titans this fall, Derrick Henry could earn more opportunities if he performs well.

Fantasy Impact:

It’s fair to wonder if Murray’s best years are behind him after his disappointing season in Philadelphia (193 carries for 702 yards and six touchdowns). His 3.6 YPC was a full 1.1 YPC less than his 2014 average in his epic season with the Cowboys. Now he joins a Tennessee team that may have trouble staying in a run-heavy game script, and he’ll have to fend off 2nd-round pick Derrick Henry. But it's good to hear that he's off to a good start.

Cowboys Beat: RB Ezekiel Elliott should see 'roughly 280-300 carries'

Wednesday, June 29, 2016, 12:12pm

Dallas Cowboys - [Full Article]

David Helman of DallasCowboys.com:

I don’t think it’s even a question that Ezekiel Elliott will be first string, and I’d say that even if Darren McFadden was 100 percent healthy. To your second point, I don’t think “concerned” is the word I’d use, but it’s definitely something I’d be mindful of. DeMarco Murray got 83 percent of the carries for this team in 2014, and he finished with more than 400 total touches. That’s a tad much for anyone, let alone a rookie. Fortunately, the Cowboys have vastly superior depth at the position this year. I think Zeke will finish with roughly 280-300 carries, which would put him right around 18-20 per game. That should leave plenty of carries for Alfred Morris and McFadden to get involved.

Fantasy Impact:

It's doubtful that the Cowboys drafted Elliott #4 overall to let him sit behind McFadden and/or Morris as a rookie. As long as he doesn't fall on his face, he should be the workhorse, with McFadden and Morris sprinkling in as change-of-pace backs. McFadden’s offseason injury only serves to help Elliott’s chances of RB1 touches.

Titans RB DeMarco Murray likes that the new offense is 'strictly downhill'

Thursday, June 23, 2016, 10:39am

Jim Rome Show - [Full Article]

Following a disappointing season with the Philadelphia Eagles in a system that didn’t seem to fit DeMarco Murray’s skills, the running back was asked on The Jim Rome Show if he believes Mike Mularkey’s offense in Tennessee is a better fit for him. He answered, “I do. It’s strictly downhill and that’s what I’ve been accustomed to my entire life. Nothing against last year or what happened, it just didn’t work out, but I’m very excited about this upcoming season and looking forward to it.”

Fantasy Impact:

Murray was looking like he'd be one of the few workhorse backs until the Titans drafted Derrick Henry in the 2nd round. It's good to hear that he favors the new system and is looking for a bounce back season.

Titans hope Dorial Green-Beckham responds to demotion

Thursday, June 16, 2016, 5:01pm

Titans Online - [Full Article]

The emergence of 5th-round rookie WR Tajae Sharpe begs the question: What does it mean for veterans like Dorial Green-Beckham and Justin Hunter? Those players have been watching as Sharpe has lined up with the starters. Rishard Matthews has been the other outside receiver while Kendall Wright has been busy - and looked good - in the slot.

“I am hoping they are taking it personal, and they are going to come back in here in better shape, and better prepared and healthy and ready to go out of the gate,’’ Mularkey said when asked about Green-Beckman and Hunter. “(We want to see that) from the first practice on.”

Fantasy Impact:

This could just be a motivational ploy, but it's not like Green-Beckham has the sort of resume that buys hm a lot of leash when it comes to being in "better shape" or being "better prepared." DGB could be starting in Week 1, but the odds are less favorable than they were a month or two ago. Sharpe doesn't have a great athletic profile, but he has quickly ascended the Titans' depth chart. Owners looking for value may want to avoid DGB for the time being and target Rishard Matthews and/or Kendall Wright, who seem locked in as starters.

Titans Beat: Tajae Sharpe passes Dorial Green-Beckham on the depth chart

Wednesday, June 15, 2016, 10:30am

ESPN - [Full Article]

Titans beat writer Paul Kuharsky:

I’ve been wary of expecting too much of a second-year jump from Titans WR Dorial Green-Beckham, who’s been passed on the split ends depth chart for now by fifth-round rookie Tajae Sharpe.

New receivers coach Bob Bratkowski said the time off for Green-Beckham is still a factor in his game.

“It’s still there, it’s going to be there,” Bratkowski said. “You can’t ever replace the experienced missed. Is it going to get better? Yes. But that gap, that missing time of the experience missed, is always going to be a part of it.

“Maybe three years from now, it’ll be a moot point. I still think right now in just playing the game, there are things that he missed. If you take Jerry Rice or any top receiver or actually any player, and they had that kind of a gap, it has an effect on them. It takes time.”

Fantasy Impact:

DGB has a solid FP/T (1.18, #35) and is slated for a larger target share in his sophomore season. He averaged 5.9 T/G over his final nine games and played at a 44-791-3.5 pace in that span. Negative news at this point in the offseason usually isn't a good sign for the fall, but Green-Beckham still has time to earn a starting job.

Mularkey: Titans RB Dexter McCluster 'clearly has a role here'

Monday, June 13, 2016, 8:06pm

Titans Online - [Full Article]

Titans HC Mike Mularkey has spoken highly of Dexter McCluster on numerous occasions this offseason.

“I think I’ve said it before: He clearly has a role here,’’ Mularkey said of McCluster. “The offense is multi-faceted, and he will be parts of many different packages to try and attack defenses.”

Related players: DeMarco Murray, Derrick Henry

Fantasy Impact:

If McCluster has a sizable role in the passing game, it will put a dent in the upside of DeMarco Murray, who is a solid receiver out of the backfield.

Titans OC discusses hot hand approach at running back

Thursday, June 9, 2016, 12:10pm

Titans Online - [Full Article]

So, what’s Titans offensive coordinator Terry Robiskie’s theory on running backs, and division of carries?

“I believe in just doing whatever we have to do, whatever is necessary to win the game,’’ Robiskie said. “Obviously we’ll have it situated going into the game, and figuring, ‘Hey, we want to go this way or go that way.’ If we get to going in the game and some guy gets the hot hand and that’s what it takes to win the game then that is what we are going to do.

“We are not going to sit down before the game and say, ‘So and so has to have 20 carries, or he has to touch it 25 times,’’’ Robiskie said. “We are going to go into the game and we’ll run the offense and try and get it called and try and execute it and whatever we feel we need to get done to win the game, that’s what we’re going to get done. But we don’t sit down and structure, so and so has to have 25 carries, so and so has to get 30 carries.”

If a certain guy gets hot, with a smile, Robiskie said, “I wouldn’t be afraid to give him 70 (carries). If I hand it to him and he keeps running for touchdowns, I’ll keep handing it to him.”

Related players: DeMarco Murray, Derrick Henry

Fantasy Impact:

This doesn't sound particularly good for Murray, who didn't run the ball very well while in Philadelphia. He'll have to fend off Henry, so this is shaping up to be an unpredictable running game.

New HC Adam Gase 'definitely' wants to get WR Kenny Stills more involved

Monday, May 30, 2016, 10:59am

Miami Herald - [Full Article]

Only six active NFL players have a higher career yards-per-catch average than Kenny Stills (16.5), and Dolphins coach Adam Gase said he “definitely” wants to get him involved more after he was targeted just 63 times last season (compared with 165 for Jarvis Landry).

Stills says that excites him and “the numbers don’t lie” about Gase’s offenses.

But the chemistry must improve with Ryan Tannehill. Though a bunch of Stills’ targets were difficult deep routes (and that must be taken into account with this stat), he caught only 42.8 percent of passes thrown to him, compared to 70.4 for Rishard Matthews (now with Tennessee), 66.7 for Landry, 50.9 for DeVante Parker and 50 for Jordan Cameron.

Stills had only two drops last season, so many of the incomplete passes were errant throws by Tannehill. Gase has been impressed with Stills so far this offseason.

Fantasy Impact:

With Jarvis Landry and DeVante Parker very likely to lead the team in targets, Stills is battling with TE Jordan Cameron and rookie WR Leonte Carroo to be the third option in the passing game.

Titans Beat: Plan is for DeMarco Murray to get the 'bulk of the carries'

Saturday, May 28, 2016, 11:58am

Titans Online - [Full Article]

TitansOnline.com writer Jim Wyatt on DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry:

The plan is for Murray to be the starter, and to get the bulk of the carries. And he’s been impressive so far. I expect him to have success. But henry is going to get his share of carries as well, and you know how this works – if one guy is tearing it up, he’ll get more opportunities. We’ll just see how things play out.

Fantasy Impact:

Murray's stock took a hit when the Titans curiously spent a second round pick on Henry. He should still be a good bet for 300 carries, provided he stays healthy, but he'll have to outplay Henry to keep his job.

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