IDP Rankings - 2015 NFL Season - DL

2015 IDP Rankings: LB DL DB ALL
2015 IDP Projections: Tackles Sacks

The Defensive Power Rating integrates a player's relative potential for generating Interceptions, Passes Defended, Fumbles, Tackles, Sacks and TDs. For drafting purposes, the Power Rating helps establish relative value between players within the same position and across different positions. The Power Rating takes on values from 0 to 100. A player with a Power Rating of 80 to 100 is considered an excellent prospect.

Rankings last updated on Sunday, May 17, 2015
#PlayerTeamPositionPower Rating
1Watt, J.J.HOUDL97
2Pierre-Paul, JasonNYGDL96
3Quinn, RobertSTLDL95
4Jones, ChandlerNEDL94
5Griffen, EversonMINDL93
6Ansah, EzekielDETDL92
7Wake, CameronMIADL91
8Dunlap, CarlosCINDL90
9Campbell, CalaisARIDL89
10Richardson, SheldonNYJDL88
11Wilkerson, MuhammadNYJDL87
12Ninkovich, RobNEDL86
13Williams, MarioBUFDL85
14Cox, FletcherPHIDL84
15Hughes, JerryBUFDL83
16Vernon, OlivierMIADL82
17Casey, JurrellTENDL81
18Dareus, MarcellBUFDL80
19Johnson, CharlesCARDL79
20Jordan, CameronNODL78
21Liuget, CoreySDDL77
22Donald, AaronSTLDL76
23Suh, NdamukongMIADL75
24McCoy, GeraldTBDL74
25McDonald, ClintonTBDL73
26Bennett, MichaelSEADL72
27Hankins, JohnathanNYGDL71
28Marks, Sen'DerrickJAXDL70
29Hageman, Ra'ShedeATLDL69
30Floyd, SharrifMINDL68
31Heyward, CameronPITDL67
32Williams, KyleBUFDL66
33Branch, AndreJAXDL65
34Daniels, MikeGBDL64
35Poe, DontariKCDL63
36Bailey, AllenKCDL62
37Smith, JacquiesTBDL61
38Jackson, MalikDENDL60
39Joseph, LinvalMINDL59
40Tuck, JustinOAKDL58

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