Daily Fantasy Football Contests

Daily Fantasy Football contests are a new, exciting way to put your fantasy football knowledge and 4for4.com Premium Subscription to use. While the majority of fantasy leagues draft in August and run through the season, Daily Fantasy Football contests are generally one week games that give us the opportunity to play in more leagues and win more often (and more money).

Best of all, 4for4 offers site specific value reports designed to help you quickly identify good player values to maximize winning and profitability. Only 4for4 offers these type of reports, giving our subscribers a big advantage.

Daily Fantasy Football is quickly becoming the preferred way to play fantasy football. You can play in more games and win more money while the work, variance and headaches are greatly minimized. 

Here at 4for4, we have partnered with the most respected Daily Fantasy sites in the industry. We play at and recommend all of the Daily Fantasy sites below. The sales pitches are theirs, but click the review links for our in-depth breakdowns of each site. Join us in rapidly the growing Daily Fantasy Sports community. It's just getting started.

DraftDay Daily Fantasy Sports


Value Report

DraftDay [Site Review]

DraftDay is a daily fantasy sports site known for an extremely intuitive user experience, top notch customer support, and an ambitious free contest where you could win $1,000,000.

The DraftDay Perfect Lineup: Each week, this free contest allows you to draft your "perfect" fantasy football lineup. There are no salary cap restrictions, and if you are able to draft the top scoring players at every fantasy position, DraftDay will pay you $1,000,000! DraftDay also pays out real cash to the top 25 lineups each week.

DraftDay Guaranteed Games: DraftDay offers large field guarantees with buy-ins ranging from $0.25 to $1,060. These games pay out thousands of dollars each weekend and offer a low risk way to win big at fantasy sports!

FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports


Value Report

FanDuel [Site Review]

FanDuel lets you play and win at fantasy sports in a single day instead of waiting the whole season. Players can draft a new team at any time, and pitch it head-to-head against a single opponent - or a league of opponents - for real money. The player whose team has the most fantasy points after the games have completed wins the cash prize. We currently have daily contests in fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, fantasy hockey, college football, and college basketball.

  • Pick a team - based on a salary cap - and win in one day
  • Free fantasy football leagues or real money leagues (from $1 to $1,065+)
  • Head-to-head, 5, 10 and 100+ person leagues
  • Public and private, customizable daily fantasy sports leagues
  • Up to $6,000,000 in cash payouts every week

DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports


Value Report

DraftKings [Site Review]

DraftKings DraftKings burst onto the scene in April 2012 and has quickly established itself as a force in the daily fantasy community. Users go to DraftKings for the seamless user experience, the best Deposit Bonus in the industry, and of course, the enormous payouts.

Big Guaranteed Contests: If you want big contests, look no further. Last season, DraftKings ran a $3.1 million NFL contest. They will kick off the 2014 NFL season with $5 million guaranteed in prizes in week 1.

100% Deposit Bonus + Free Contest Entry: DraftKings wants you to have the best possible experience right off the bat, which is why they offer an industry-leading 100% Deposit Bonus on deposits up to $600. On top of that, DraftKings is also awarding a free $2 ticket to all fist-time depositors.

StarStreet Daily Fantasy Sports


Value Report

StarStreet [Site Review]

StarStreet is one of the premier daily fantasy sports sites. They have an amazing product, great support, lighting fast payouts and a great mobile platform. On StarStreet you can play a wide variety of games times, from guaranteed large field tournaments, 50/50s, and head-to-head games. Games are a breeze to enter on StarStreet and you can get near unlimited action down in just minutes.

Pick Five
Pick Five is super quick and simple game that StarStreet offers where you pick five head-to-head player matchups (like Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning). In Pick Five you can play to double your money by going 3 for 5 or 20x your money (so $5 wins $100) by going 5 for 5.

VIP Rewards
StarStreet offers an industry leading VIP rewards program. Through the VIP program you can get up to 50% of your buy-in fees back in addition to amazing perks like game tickets and all expenses paid trips to Vegas.

Win a trip to the Playboy Mansion
Not only does StarStreet offer great online games, but they also run live, huge payout, daily fantasy tournaments at the Playboy Mansion (which include an all expenses paid trip to LA and a rocking party). Their first was a $200,000 prize-pool and that figures to get even bigger.



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