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By John Paulsen on July 23, 2014
A fantasy owner who is following the Quarterback By Committee (QBBC) strategy will ignore the quarterback position on draft day until the middle or late rounds, and then take 2-3 QBs to form a committee that they can use throughout the season based on weekly matchups. The QB position is probably the deepest it has ever been. This makes a committee that much more viable, as the QB2 group -- players ranked #13-#24 in our rankings -- is loaded with proven veterans.
By John Paulsen on July 21, 2014
This week training camps kick off (full schedule), and we’ll shift from the offseason to the preseason. (Whoopee!) Below are the most important position battles and the most perplexing questions that I’m pondering as we head into camp. The results will shape the fantasy landscape in 2014. I've been watching the news closely all spring and summer, so I've offered my take where appropriate.  
By John Paulsen on July 17, 2014
In our final installment of Sleepers & Values, we’re going to focus on the receiver position.
By John Paulsen on July 16, 2014
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By Russell Manalastas on July 16, 2014
It’s a slow time in the world of the NFL, where news continues to trickle out of camps at a slow pace about almost anything that could make for an interesting headline. Injuries have been relatively quiet so far, which is always great this time of year, and hopefully that trend will continue as training camps get into full swing. With that being said, we are going to take a different approach to our normal training room column this week and look at some household names that are potential injury risks heading into this season.
By Brandon Niles on July 16, 2014
Note: does not project return yardage across the board. Due to position turnover and the unpredictability of return yardage on a weekly basis, projecting return stats will add noise and may actually hurt your draft.
By John Paulsen on July 15, 2014
While most fantasy pundits agree on strategy for quarterbacks (Wait!), running backs (Load up early!) and wide receivers (Get a stud or two!), the tight end position is another animal entirely. There are those who believe that it’s an easily replaceable “onesie” position -- i.e. owners only have to start one per team, so there are a number of decent options available on the waiver wire -- and therefore it’s not worth burning an early round pick on an elite tight end.
By Bob Harris on July 12, 2014
Oh ye of little faith. Did you really think I wouldn't make it through the entire NFL before training camps open? Of course I would (and by "of course I would," I totally mean "I had no idea, but bravado after the fact is always a winner, right?").
By C.D. Carter on July 11, 2014
Matchups matter, as my neck tattoo reads, and they matter more for quarterbacks than any other position in fantasy football. Why? Because quarterback points – like kicker, defense, and tight end – are replaceable, while elite running back and wide receiver production is largely not replaceable.
By John Paulsen on July 10, 2014
Over the past few seasons, it has become more acceptable to draft one or two wide receivers in the first two rounds and wait until the middle rounds to start drafting running backs. While I’m still going to target an elite running back in the first half of the 1st round (and target Montee Ball and Eddie Lacy in the late 1st round), heading into 2014 draft season I would not be afraid to go WR/WR or TE/WR in the first two rounds and start drafting running backs in the 3rd or even 4th round.